We Asked Jesus Into Our Hearts And…

…Into Our Guest Bedroom

Yes!  It’s Christmas time, and Jesus came to visit!  Get supper on!  Call the family together!  Build a fire to warm by!  Pour a round of hot chocolate!  Let’s make Merry!

This blog has been known to ask:  How can you ask Jesus into your heart but not ask him to stay in your guest bedroom that goes empty night after night?  I am happy to say that this Fat Beggar’s house is FULL!  Every bed is taken tonight!

And we lit a fire…


… and I noticed we had one extra stocking on the mantle – one with no name written on it.  And then it occurred to us that we will fill it and save it for any unannounced, last minute guests.  Jesus is out there roaming the streets of Lubbock on this frozen, winter’s night.  I hope he finds his way into other Christian HOMEs.  But if not, I hope he stops by here.

(See last year’s Christmas Eve post, and you’ll know what I am saying.)


One comment

  1. BrookeM · December 9, 2016

    Wow! A full house! That’s wonderful!


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