Homeless People Need a HOME


… and the Kingdom of God is a PARTY!

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What exactly is stopping the church in every town from opening its doors to the Matthew-25 Jesus?  See Matthew 25:40.  Notice the stranger/sojourner taken in… Who is that?


That’s right.  That vagabond is….. drum roll please…. JESUS!

At least that’s what JESUS says.

Recall Abraham taking in the three “strangers” trespassing in front of his tent?  (Hint: Gen. 18).  Yeah, that was God passing by, and he dropped in for dinner!  But it is entirely likely that dear old Abe never knew what we the readers know.  And that’s how it works!  See also Hebrews 13:1.

And then start throwing parties.  You know, Luke – 14 parties… the kind Jesus actually tells you to throw.  When was the last time you saw the church throw one?  Why isn’t the church hosting the Matthew-25 Jesus with Luke-14 parties?

By the way, check out an old book by Tony Campolo called The Kingdom of God is a Party.  You will be blown away!  The first chapter alone is worth the price of the book.  But then Campolo points out that Israel taxed 10% of the GNP.  10% of the nation’s whole wealth!  And do you know what they were told to spend it on?

A new Family Life Center?


A program for drug and alcohol counseling?


An education grant?


These would all be good ideas.  Churches all over America do these kinds of things and a whole lot more with all the money they raise from tithes and contributions, but God doesn’t have Israel do that with the 10% of their whole GNP.  Instead, he tells them to…. drum roll please…


And in Luke 14, Jesus reiterates that!

Now how can a party be the answer to all the world’s problems?

That is a mystery, alright, but what did you think God’s Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven is SUPPOSED to look like?  Maybe you thought it would be rehab, but that’s not what God has in mind at all.

So, back to my initial question: What is stopping the church from opening the door to the Matthew-25 Jesus?

Pride?  Lack of vision?  A view of self that is too big on the one hand and too small on the other?

Are we just really selfish people at root?  What is it?

Not sure I actually care.

Wait, I just heard someone at the door.  Sorry, I gotta cut this off!

(REV. 3:20) Look it up…




  1. T. F. Thompson · December 17, 2016

    There is so much investment in the building that the ‘church’ is almost synonymous with each other. So much so, that the building becomes more important than people. In this way, the church building and services becomes almost like a feel-good mental institution. Here, there is no (sell all you have and give it to the poor). We become comfortable and afraid to move outside our own personal zones that make us feel good. In all of that, we sing how great God is: and of course, he is. Yet, we forget we are to be like god: instead we dwell on how we are sinners and can’t do anything good. This is nothing more than a lie. The good we do is because and only because of God and His Son, His Christ when we obey. Alas, we are too comfortable in our American Way of Life to cross over into the spiritual until it is either too late, or a major storm passes our way. To sum it up: we are human and fall so short on what is right. This includes myself. thank you for your post. I loved reading it.

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  2. T. F. Thompson · December 20, 2016

    I had to reread this all over again, for I believe you have hit it right! The organized church is at times too concerned with itself. I love the parable of the feast where no one had time or had an excuse NOT to attend. I like the idea that Jesus always has us welcome to be with HIM! There are even times when all I ask God for is a simple, good cup of coffee. I think Jesus would have liked that too. In other words, Jesus was human and would have enjoyed what God provided even more than we do. Most of understanding all of this is simple: we do what Jesus did and bring everything back down to earth. That is one of the biggest reasons we love him—not because he was up there—but because He came down here to be with us. That puts God smack dab in the middle with people! You have got to love it. Thank you again for your post.

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