It’s Been A Week…

…And My Heart Still Hurts

I joined the club again… That club of foster parents who gives up that special baby when the court says those parents are fit after all…

And it’s been a week.  Left just before Christmas, and really put a dark cloud on our holiday.

Can’t help but remember a song they used to play on the radio when I was young…  And the video that went with it.  The lady snatching the baby at the end is from CPS, I think.




  1. Debi · December 29, 2016

    So sorry for your pain. God be with you.

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    • Agent X · December 29, 2016


      Its been a while… I was wondering if you are okay. I know you have troubles of your own, but I have no other contact with you. Therefore you have been on my mind, but I just waited and hoped you would be back.

      I hope you are okay???

      Missed you.

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  2. Debi · December 29, 2016

    Aww, you are so kind. I have actually been on a family cruise with my kids and grandkids for Christmas. A first for me. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog! Merry late Christmas, although I know it was a difficult one for you and your wife. ♥

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