Memory, Echoes and the Inner-City

A word from Lady Wisdom calling in the streets.

Urban Echoes /// Ecos Urbanos

How did a 6’1’’, blonde curly haired young woman who grew up in a predominantly white, upper-middle class suburban area outside of Seattle end up on her way to a densely populated, predominantly Latino, heavily Spanish speaking neighborhood near the heart of Los Angeles to begin to make a life and a home there?

I still am sometimes stopped in my tracks when I realize that this is exactly what the trajectory of my life has been leading towards for at least 7 years (and, to be honest, probably longer). Looking back – remembering, and seeing all of the ways that I have arrived at this place, is humbling… there are so many intertwining themes and events that it is impossible for me to define it solely as chance or circumstance. I can only understand it as the work of God; work that is far beyond “me” and yet including…

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