War On The Homeless: Cities All Over America Are Passing Laws Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

Hmmm… Church? Where are you, Church??? Who’s in charge? The city? Or LORD JESUS???

Christian Patriots


If you want to be a “Good Samaritan” to the homeless in your community, you might want to check and see if it is legal first.  All over the country, cities are passing laws that make it illegal to feed and shelter the homeless.  For example, in this article you will read about a church in Maryland that was just fined $12,000 for simply allowing homeless people to sleep outside the church at night.  This backlash against homeless people comes at a time when homelessness in America is absolutely exploding.  In a previous article, I shared with my readers the fact that the number of homeless people in New York City has just set a brand new all-time high, and the homelessness crisis in California has become so severe that the L.A. City Council has formally asked Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency.  Sadly…

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  1. T. F. Thompson · December 30, 2016

    Heck, it’s been against the law for some time now to be poor, much less homeless. And yes, cities are stepping up their pace to include here in Jacksonville to push the homeless out of sight.

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    • Agent X · December 30, 2016

      Yeah… I have seen the subtlety of this creeping up for over 20 years. Perhaps I am slow to notice, but I have seen it.

      I remember when I was young, my dad lived in Malibu, CA for a few years. I discovered that they don’t have laundry mats there. City zoning keeps them out. It is just one of the subtle ways the city tells the poor to just keep on moving along. You cant wash here…

      But it isn’t just laws. In fact, the law is not the most sinister part, in my view. Business does this same kind of thing in little pressures you aren’t likely to notice. Just today I checked my mail and found a gift card for a free sandwich at Chik-fil-A… YUM! A FREE sandwhich! Why am I getting a free sandwich? Because there is a good chance I have money to burn, and like any good drug dealer will tell you, the first one is fee, but the next one is gonna cost you! And then like the song says…. I used to do a little, but a little wouldn’t do, and so a little got more and more!

      I got this service free because I have a mailbox at an address where I pay a mortgage. That’s how I got it. They did not had these out on the streets down by the homeless shelter, no. Then sent them to my neighborhood! To people who don’t even NEED a free sandwich!

      But the most sinister part of it all is the church/charity that would shun Chik-fil-A if they did hand out gift cards at the shelter! I have seen it in the newspaper with my own eyes. The “executive” pastor down at the Premier Homeless Church here in Lubbock has been quoted in print media (at least) as discouraging people from giving money to the homeless who will only miss use it. He went on to say that if you really want to help, give the money to his organization! He will use it “wisely”, and he seems to be on to something because in just the last two years he has developed a million + dollar budget down there!

      He, and this “conservative” community, maybe the only eyes that cannot see the conflict of interest inherent in that idea! But when you put the laws together with the business, and when you turn the charity into a business and the church steps back to let this all happen AND THEN TO OBEY THESE LAWS which frequently are unjust, then we have a truly sinister problem!

      I am not swallowing the blog post I reblogged here hook, line, and sinker uncritically, but I think it shines a light in neglected directions that should be carefully considered.

      Again, thanx so much for reading and commenting!

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  2. T. F. Thompson · December 30, 2016

    Okay, I’m going to throw in a monkey wrench into the discussion. First, being homeless is not such a bad thing in this country. Yet, what I’m concerned about is the psychological/spiritual process of the homeless. Many if not most of the homeless are in fact homeless because for many, many different reasons they have dropped out of society and even many as well participating in self-destructive behavior. Here in Jacksonville, we have three main shelters where the homeless can eat, yet many don’t go there. The people as a group are a down-trodden group who at times hate themselves, their lives and lack any type of positive future. In short, many fail to forgive themselves for shortcomings and have been hurt by past events and simply want to drift one day after another. The big ingredient here is the lack of HOPE. That is where we must come to play. We have to instill in them how there is value in their lives: that they are important and can contribute to society and can relate to a God who loves them through his church: you and me. To be sure, I will not and do not blame homeless people for being homeless. At the same time, they are the reason they are homeless for the better part. Of course, this is not true for those who are short term, but the long term have given up on themselves and on others. Once again, this is where we must step in to show them the self worth that exists. It must begin with us prior to them ever reaching out to God. This is true as we are sent by God as His messengers. The only truth that remains is if we are there or not. If we are, then God Is: to them. If not, only an empty space to yearn in days when sobriety forces regrets.

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    • Agent X · December 30, 2016

      When the church throws a Luke-14 party, the HOPE you speak of comes naturally. Fast to many, slow to some, accepted by more than you would think, but rejected by some to be sure. But this is, in a nutshell, the Jesus program, the Kingdom Come on earth LIKE it is in heaven!

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