‘Radiance and Homelessness’

I continue adding other voices and perspectives to our “issue” again today… the last day of 2016. I hope my readers will engage these reblogs. Go visit the original site. Offer thoughts here if you like, but please expand your exposure and your IMAGINATION.


I met Radiance yesterday. She is a Beautiful Woman. Who is she? A person, just like you and I. The only main difference is that she is forced to live on the streets. She is exposed, vulnerable and in fear constantly. Words can not express the beauty of her words and her radiant complexion. There is nothing to be scared about and she asks for nothing. She sits by the waters peacefully, embracing their energy and smiling towards me during the early hours of the day, as she shares her words of wisdom with me. How did this ever happen to her? How did she end up on the streets? How does this happen to millions of homeless people throughout the World?

Well, the answer is that people can be very nasty. People can cause harm by rendering innocent victims homeless – with or without notice. People can criticise, ostracise, judge, abuse, mock and take…

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