Delivering Christmas on a Bike

Got another one. Too good not to share with my circle of friends.

Word to The Burgh


That’s not me in the picture, but it looks pretty close! This Christmas, Adam Sewell, pastor of The Well Church (another church plant here in Pittsburgh), let me know about a friend of his who had moved into a house really close to us in Carnegie. This guy (we’ll call him Rick) met Adam at a food kitchen for the homeless in Pittsburgh. Recently, Rick finally got his own place, and he is starting to get back on his feet. (Side note: This connection is one of the reasons I love the church planting network here in Pittsburgh. Whenever church planters here get the chance, they work together for the Gospel, sharing resources, links, books, and ministry opportunities.)

So when I heard about Rick, I asked Adam if there was anything Rick needed now that he was renting a place nearby. Adam asked Rick what he needed, and without hesitation, Rick told him that his…

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