The Golem of Gedimino Avenue

Behold! Step right up for a closer look (if you dare). It is the Isaiah 53 suffering servant; the Matthew-25:40 Jesus walking your way! If you believe…

Into the ether

A homeless man is tormenting me. He is enormous, strangely formless, a begrimed golem forever trudging up and Gedimino Avenue. He has a towering shock of matted hair and fiery beard and root-like hands. He is not so much a man as a miasma bound and bundled together in thick, dirt-stitched layers of clothing. He oozes around from morning to night along the same few streets. Sometimes I see him three or four times a day.

At first we were on nodding terms. It was only natural, our paths regularly crossed while promenading. I was impressed by his proud smirk, his arrogant bearing. I would usually see him on Gedimino Avenue, defiantly tramping along, lugging his bagged belongings with him, up and down the most prestigious and well-maintained street in Vilnius (they were pruning the already nicely groomed trees just the other day).

I became intensely curious about the man…

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