Crazy Eddie (repost from 2010)

Any of my readers interested in homeless perspective on life would surely do well to pop in on T.F. Thompson’s blog today. I definitely want to empower his voice here by sending you there. Please check out this post…

Hard Times Ministries

By T. F. Thompson (T. F. Thompson’s Blog) February 4, 2010 – 7:51pm


The True Hunger Games
BOOK REVIEW “Nothing to Complain about: My 125 Day Journey to Become Complaint Free”
George Barnwell
Charlie’s Donut & Coffee

At any given time of the day, Crazy Eddie might be seen traipsing up and down University Blvd., 24 Oz. cup in hand, toting a backpack, zigzagging into figure-eights, somehow always ducking traffic and pressing into a forward momentum. To my knowledge, Eddie has been parading in this fashion for at least the past seven years. Apparently, Eddie sleeps underneath a trailer located at the junction of University and Phillips Highway. How does Eddie survive the extreme heat and cold? I don’t know? And no matter the weather or circumstances, Eddie continues to lunge forward, marching onward to whatever or wherever calls the…

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