A Mighty Flood of Justice

I keep finding these incredibly wise words in the blog-O-sphere to share with my few readers! Here’s another one… a caped crusader and a blogger letting Justice Roll Like a River!

Broken People

What if, in the eyes of heaven, one hard-working, well-meaning picketer/crime-fighter is worth more than a million-dollar ministry campaign?

Bizarre question, I suppose, but give me a few minutes to flesh out my thoughts, and you’ll understand.

“Actions speak louder than words.” We’ve heard this all our lives, but I stumbled on something which, I believe, proves it mirrors God’s opinion as well.

I used to work at the headquarters of a religious organization, and many people there knew how to talk a great game. The “stuff” they did for God was mind-blowing, and I knew I could never match their million-dollar projects, catchy slogans and slickly-printed promotional material.

Compare that with my buddy Emil, who, dressed as a Real-life Superhero (RLSH), “The Komet,” marched with a group of people in his hometown of York, PA, a few years ago, in a rally which combined a message of anti-violence with…

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