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One of our secret operatives sends this question in to FBSOP.



  1. Pastor Randy · January 10, 2017

    Great probing post. The congregation I serve is in our second season of the program Room In The Inn. I know it doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a big step for a typical “downtown First Church”. No one can do it all, but everyone can do something!

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    • Agent X · January 10, 2017

      Pastor Randy,

      Yeah! That is exactly the first step kind of thing this blog aims to promote! We are all about churches opening doors to the Matthew-25:40-Jesus! Locked church-house doors just don’t compute. Bringing in the least of these does.

      Once that step is made, then we aim to get Jesus a room in the guest-bedrooms of the parishioners who attend there. (Yes, this is a complex/complicated step, with issues to work out, but it is the aim all the same).

      We don’t have that program in Lubbock. We used to have a similar program for homeless families with kids, but Family Promise now has facilities that do not require that kind of sacrifice from the church. (I think that is a mistake.) This is the church’s business.

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      • Pastor Randy · January 10, 2017

        Yes, it is the church’s business, and the work of the Kingdom of God!

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