Homeless Death Finally Makes The News

Here is a link to the news item regarding the lady who froze to death last weekend.


My questions remains: How can a human being freeze to death in a “Christian” town like Lubbock?  Only if they feel unwelcome to come inside when it is cold.  Granted that MIGHT involve psychosis in some cases.  But if a town that is known for its church buildings on every corner was also known for opening those doors to “the least of these”, I think even MOST of the psych patients living on the streets would find their way in to the welcoming arms of Jesus when the weather gets cold.

Think I am wrong about that?  Explain it to Jesus when he comes to judge the sheep and goats  (Matt. 25:45).

Asleep in snow



  1. John Lewis · January 18, 2017

    I’ve been wondering about you. We’ve been through a real cold snap up here, thought I saw that you guys were even colder…you are right…there has to be some church, some school, some shelter, some where for people to come in from the cold. Some may choose to live outdoors…nobody chooses to freeze to death…

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    • Agent X · January 18, 2017

      “…some church…” a.k.a. The Body of Christ. WWJD? And if he is doing it, what role does some school, some shelter, or some where play then?

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      • John Lewis · January 18, 2017

        The idea is to get cold people off of cold streets. So that cold people don’t freeze to death sleeping in said streets. So if some in the body of Christ could take the lead in getting a school, a shelter, or some where else to open their doors, since the local churches will not open their doors, that would be the kingdom of God breaking into the world around us. WWJD? Jesus would get the cold out of the cold. His miracles were not limited to the temple. In fact, he basically got himself barred from the temple (sound familiar?). If it was in the synagogue or temple, great. If not, that’s great too. He would heal people wherever they were. He WILL heal people wherever they are. Salvation is not limited to our church houses or “religious” people. “Who is my neighbor?” The one who showed mercy. If the homeless church has closed its doors, along with the rest…find another door to open. The love of Christ can shine regardless of the pictures on the wall.

        Didn’t I just read in one of your posts about mother Theresa’s place being in the slaughterhouse district?

        “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”
        ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:18‬ ‭ESV‬‬.

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      • Agent X · January 18, 2017

        Wow! Thanx for the response. Thanx for taking this stuff serious!

        Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE, no one comes to the Father except by Jesus…

        Let’s not jam “salvation” up with a night’s shelter as if they were the same. I am not against taking shelter at a pagan’s house (assuming they will have me) in a snow storm. I could SURVIVE the night doing that. I could SURVIVE the night with a tent and sleeping bag, probably. And those things may well play a role in the ministry of the church, but they are not the answer… They are not the miracle of Jesus, they are the least we can do the for least of these, quite honestly.

        My point is that my hope is in Jesus. The church is his body. That is ALLLLLLMOST synonymous with Jesus. And if the body of Christ takes the lead in bringing LIFE to these cold souls, what will be left for the other doors that might open? Why would they bother? Why would I bother with them?

        My whole point is to get the Body of Christ to behave like Christ! Currently that is NOT happening… not even close! The church needs to repent! Yes… in the meantime, take shelter where you can. So will I. But I will not let off the notion that we are falling short of the Glory of God when schools, shelters, and somewhere are taking the lead or even getting a share in the work, really. That is counterfeit, and not the real answer.

        As for Jesus vs. Temple… Yeah… As long as Jesus is roaming the dusty Galilean streets, that TEMPLE is redundant at best and flat out idolatrous at worst. Remember when I commented on your post about Jesus in the fisherman’s hut in Capernaum? What makes a place TEMPLE? Is it the gold siding? Is it the name over the door? Is it even because God once said he would dwell there?


        Is it Temple when God is INSIDE it? And God was INSIDE Jesus, ever bit as much as that breath of God was in The Adam at the Beginning. (St. Paul calls Jesus “the Last Adam”.) So, if God is inside Jesus and Jesus goes into a fisherman’s hut in Capernaum, what does that make the hut? And what does it make Herod’s monumental monstrosity down in Jerusalem? And what does Jesus do in that hut? The thing that upsets the Scribes that witness it? Is it the healing or the FORGIVENESS of SINS?

        Where is Forgiveness of Sins SUPPOSED to happen? Were Jews making trips to Capernaum for Forgiveness of Sins? Or did they go to Jerusalem for that? But Jesus forgives sins in a hut in Capernaum! And THAT upsets the Scribes! But the people watching the whole event unfold are crowding the joint soooooo packed that no one can even eat in there! The lame guy had to be busted in through the roof! And you would NEVER do that to Herod’s house! But then forgiveness of sins was apparently deficient down in Jerusalem that day. And what did the crowds say at the end of that story?

        “We have NEVER seen ANYTHING LIKE THIS before!” And that is a blow at Herod’s Temple, if ever there was one!

        I am not equating schools or shelters or somewhere’s with Temple, but even if I did, they would fall short of Jesus and his Body the church!

        I understand that we have not unveiled the Apocalypse of the Age to Come on creation in full consummation YET, and there are contingencies involved alright, but as a Christian, and especially as a prophet, I absolutely point all of creation and especially “the church” at the Apocalypse for which we hope at EVERY turn… God help me.

        I hope that is clear and not too cumbersome.

        Again, THANX for your response. It is highly valued!


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