One At A Time

Hooooraay for Jesus! This is one of those precious few “Success” stories from the streets. Not that the homeless man is now LIKE US, but that caring Christian people actually gave even when it seemed foolish!!!

B E H I N D / T H E / B A R

On November  30, 2016 I posted this on my Facebook wall:

Darrel just walked in, soaked to the bone. “If I wasn’t a big man I’d be bawling my eyes out,” he said. He’s homeless. In an effort to help another homeless camper cross a raging run off of rain water, he fell into water up to his armpits. He walked in dripping wet. We gave him a cup of coffee, a couple of t-shirts and a pair of gym shorts and some underwear, but everything else he has is ruined; tent, blankets, shoes, everything. If you’re by the downtown area today and have anything you could share with Darrel, we’ll make sure he gets it. #coffeecommunitychange

The response Darrel received was overwhelming!  He sat at a table at Cadence most of that day, and people stopped by and literally piled stuff up on his table.  I watched over…

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