Reflections on rough sleepers

I am amazed at what I find by clicking. What a treasure to find this post! Please read it; absorb it; find Jesus in it and then join him as he joins you in ruling his creation.

Just me being curious

Years ago, for several months, I lived in a bed-and-breakfast Monday-Friday. Working away. Family living in last-job place before all of us moved to new-job place.

One Sunday night the b&b owners were away. I had two keys: one to the house and one to my room.  Just me in this big empty house.  Except a couple had already slept in my bed and used my pillow and used my sheets and my duvet and then left. That’s what happens in a b&b.

And here I was.  Just me and a slept-in bed. Maybe a made-love-in bed. Maybe a some-other-bodily-fluids-yucky bed. Now my bed that Sunday night with nowhere else to go.  The following day I found another b&b.

Did I tell you that I slept with a man this weekend?  Never did find out his name.  Just that he snores.

Night Shelter.  25 for dinner and hot drinks. 15…

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  1. paulfg · January 25, 2017

    Thank you, AX, I know that when we connect it is because He led the connection. Why this one, I have no idea. But I know there is a reason. 🙂

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