Can You Spare a Little Change?

I am so excited to find this post and the blogger expressing humility. Again, this is one of those posts I hope convicts and inspires.

The Roofless Church

spare_changeTypically I wouldn’t call myself an elitist. As far as I can tell, on the surface I don’t have any reason to be. But the other day I had an experience where I felt the sense that I was infected by the mentality despite my sincere efforts to discipline my thoughts and acts in the direction toward universal equality. It was a private experience–one of those moments where I get to see whether I am full of crap or not. Once you read the experience, you might think that I am being a little over dramatic about it, but to me, it was an experience worth contemplating.

What happened was that I was about to go into Dunkin’ Donuts to use a coupon that was on my Dunkin’s app. In order to use the coupon, I had to use the app. But, my app was low on funds. That meant…

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