On the Internet…True is Rude.

I’m with you! Sign me up! (Everything except “go falcons” – I couldn’t care who wins…. I only care that Jesus move in Houston and help those brothers and sisters hiding in the Super Bowl shadows…

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Marvelously Maggie

Oh well.

I figured I might as well start this off honest.  And I believe this statement.  On the internet…true is rude.  So I want to say some things about what has been in the news this week.  And I honestly don’t very much feel like dressing up my words to make sure they don’t offend.  Maybe we’re past that.  I’d rather be honest with you than humor you. Okay?

First things first…meet Ed.

I don’t have a picture.  But I met Ed in November while I was in Houston, Texas.  I went and checked out Ecclesia church while I was there.  I’m a big fan of Chris Seay and I knew he had a church in Houston so I looked it up and went to a service before I went and boarded my plane.  It’s a beautiful re-purposed warehouse.  Everyone was friendly with their looks…but nobody spoke to…

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