Clean Food

Guess what? America!

We’ve been knowing for a long time (just see the documentaries, blogs, and Thursday night local newscasts (Terry Waiters anyone?)) that eating out at restaurants means eating food off the floor, eating someone else’s sweat, eating food handled with unwashed hands, and from time-to-time even eating food sabotaged with snot or other mysterious ingredients.

We just choose to live in denial.

Oh, sure, some of those restaurant ordinances put in place by your city or state seem a bit extreme (a separate sink for hand washing, keep one rag for one job but not another, and What is the real difference in one or two degrees above or below the standard?).  I mean, we don’t adhere to that strict of a standard in our own homes, and that would seem to have been the point!

But, still, many of us are germ-O-phobes and/or legitimately concerned when ABC News’s 20/20 program does an expose on the bacteria cultures collected at average, popular restaurants around the nation.  There is always room for improvement, even if we aren’t doing THAT bad.

But do you ever think about those food service workers living off minimum wage while feeding you?  Do you think they care?  Why would they? 

Well, surely the majority of them do.  I mean… I guess.  How would you really know?  Would you believe that if 20/20 tells you so?


Let me just say this.  I know a number of individuals who live on the streets and in alleys and under bridges who actually hold down real jobs.  And MOST of those who actually do hold those jobs, work in food service – AND most of them work in fine restaurants serving high-end consumers food at prices I can’t afford (at least not unless we are celebrating a special occasion).  I am talking about men and women who sleep, eat, pee and sometimes poo behind dumpsters around town.  And SOME of them have known the humbling experience of finding food in those dumpsters and eating it.


Yeah… Think about it.

You might see yourself as too good to care for the homeless.  You might think they are worlds away and have nothing in common with you.  But then again, they might be getting their fingers all over your finger-licking-good lobster tail or fried chicken just a few minutes before you do.  You really MIGHT be SHARING a LOT MORE with these folks than you care to admit.

I’m just sayin’.



  1. Ryan · February 10, 2017

    Oh snap! Tell it like it is, cause we need to hear.

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  2. Larry Who · February 10, 2017


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