Worship/Communion and the Power Lunch

Wanna share in communion where your imagination is expanded by God’s love for the lowly?  Or where it’s limited by your fear?

Here… I got a question for you.  When asked if we can open our doors to the poor, invite them in to Party with Jesus (Luke-14 style), who said “NO…” because of liabilities?  Was it the homeless who come to worship?  Or was it church leadership?

IMG_1212 IMG_1228

Did you guess the bums?

Oooooooh… I am sorry!  That was not the correct answer.  Do we have a parting gift for our losers?  No?  Okay.  So be it.

No.  The answer we were looking for was church leadership, sadly.  They said we could not host the homeless in our facility for an all-night prayer service because of “liabilities”.

IMG_1224 IMG_0275

On the other hand, the homeless – the bums drinking behind the Downtown Liquor store, on trashed out sofas in the alley – welcomed a worship service there in the waist-high weeds.  And as we shared the bread and wine, one lady shared with us two songs she had written for Jesus when she was in jail.  Another man preached us a fine sermon on the Love of God (and I was able to offer support by helping him site the scripture passages he wanted to quote).  Another led us in prayer.  We all sang together and shared the meal.

And then one of us pointed out that in our city we have some very wealthy and powerful individuals who sometimes hold important meetings where they make big decisions that effect our community for years to come. But there in that alley, we were having a power lunch.  A meeting with God.  And we decided it would be important that we make the very powerful decision to pray for those other important people and their important meetings, because in the Age to Come, it is possible none of their work will matter and no one will remember them.

If you weren’t there, sorry we missed you.  Perhaps you will come next time???

Think about it…



  1. T. F. Thompson · February 12, 2017

    The liability of Jesus being there would also be too great. However, I guess it worked out as apparently, God is not in that building. He’s not there because the church won’t let him in. How very sad.
    Yet, keep speaking up for ‘the little guys’ as they need a champion rooting for them. I am convinced too that God will hear your cries and too, a blessing will come as a result and good souls into the Kingdom of God.
    “You know they refused Jesus too.” And he said, “You’re not Him.” Bob Dylan
    This is nothing to be troubled about. Jesus told us that the world hated Him before us. In fact, I see it as how we are doing something good by being rejected as it is for His sake.
    Today, I know some teens from my Church are going downtown with “Church without Walls.” They will feed the homeless and pray and sing.
    This is all so very good. I couldn’t get a ride to go, but the mere fact these wonderful teenagers are doing this is inspiring. Hang in there and keep it up. Our Lord is counting on you for the long haul. Tom

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    • Agent X · February 12, 2017

      Thanx for that encouraging word. Much appreciated. And I am thrilled you got good teens serving the poor and lowly. That too is encouraging. A sign that there is hope in the next generation – the future – and that this work is not in vain.

      The one thing I would like to highlight, given this exchange, is that the service given to the poor and homeless here (though it benefits them) is actually FOR the church. It is a prophetic witness to THE CHURCH. As you rightly point out, Jesus is not welcome in the church! That is a problem.

      And while I am sensitive to metaphorical/symbolic issues which suggest having church in that building is like keeping God in a box (a real and ever present danger), it is entirely appropriate, right, and good for the church to invite him in! Sure, we can go outside too. But the truly stubborn part here is that “the church” has closed off the blessings of IN DOORS to the Jesus on the corner in hundreds of ways. And this then diminishes The CHURCH.

      So, the irony here is that even more than being a ministry for the poor, this is a ministry BY the poor offered FOR the church! And that is prophetic!

      btw, I think of you a lot. Never met you… you are a loooong way off from here… etc. etc… but your are never far from my mind. So glad to have you as a part of this blog/ministry. Thanx for reading and commenting.



  2. Sonya4Truth · February 12, 2017

    This article really affected me, brought me to tears. My passion is bringing true spirituality and the 2 great commandments back to the forefront while taking religiosity and kicking its ass out the doors. Very encouraging to see that I am not alone. LOVE the Church Without Walls concept, especially since WE are the church anyways, not a building that closes its doors to the meek and poor of the Earth. Keep up the good work!

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