Changing Gears

This blog has not stalled out; it has, though, changed gears.  Fat Beggars School of Prophets is largely a street ministry, but has not been on the streets much in the last year and a half.  That seems to be changing… changing back to what it used to be.  Anyway, that means it is not nearly so much a blog as a real ministry!

I am not abandoning this blog.  I try to put something fresh on here a couple times a week, but this is like decompressing after the holiday season where I was posting daily and some days multiple times.  I seemed to gain a lot of fresh readers doing that, which I am happy about, but very few seem to come from Lubbock, or even more importantly either the streets or church(es) of Lubbock.  But I am happy to say something about the new change in gears.


It turns out, over the holiday season, that one of my older kids (not one of the fosters) changed his major at LCU to youth ministry.  He is now a Bible major!  Yay!  And with all the newfound study and meditative reflections that has afforded him, he suddenly has opened up with me with far more rich connection than we have ever shared before – at least not since he was really a little kid.  And he claims a fair bit of influence this ministry has had on him.  He wants to join up in partnership and use this ministry for at least one (if not more) project for school – and he wants that to culminate in a documentary video.

The conversations spawned from this new, rich connection have sent me back to the books too.  He has inspired me to reach out to young people, and I have been working on my own project as well (one I hope he helps me with – especially as it moves off the drawing board and into the laboratory).  I will unveil more of that later.  But we now have these projects that are working toward one another and seeking to meet up in the middle.

Just tonight, we went out on a mission trip seeking the lost sheep of the house of Lubbock – any strays in our region of the city (the Southwest area).  Agent Z brought his camera and we took communion with us.  We prayed and asked God to help us find some folks, then we went out beating the bushes so to speak.

Sadly, we did not locate any on this trip.  We did, however, pick up the scent, after a fashion.  We found a trail of witnesses who had seen some homeless people in our area, but we did not find the homeless themselves.

Easter Tent City II

Not deterred, we decided to wrap up our night by sharing communion on 66th and University (a more central part of town) because several years ago a prophet of God left his job and took up a post on that corner to pray for this city every day there with a large sign that said “Jesus Saves” on it.  We went to his spot and shared the meal under the street lamp for all of Lubbock to see as we bore the image of God there.  Both of us returned jazzed from the experience.

This is just a quick note explaining my absence from the blog-O-sphere recently.  No.  I am not gone, but some of you surely realize I am not here nearly as much this past month.  I just want to keep you in the loop.

I certainly invite my readers to pray for this ministry.  This project we are working on is the biggest, most complex project I have ever worked on, and I think it is for Agent Z too.  Even if no one else finds blessing in it, we do.  But really, I think we have some very special things cooking in the oven right now, and I hope to share them with the world soon.


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