Beggar on the West Side

Met a beggar on the West Side, outside the loop just off Marsha Sharp Freeway.  I won’t air all her business (not that I know it really), but I am stunned to see the begging where I found it.  The lady claimed she has a 5 year old kid (wasn’t with her at that moment), and I could not determine if she was homeless, living in her car, a motel, sofa-surfing or what.  But she definitely had the sign out asking for help on a busy parking lot.

I don’t really expect women on the streets to just open up to me and spill their whole life story to a strange man just for the asking.  So, I am not going to scrutinize the lady, though I sense she was either confusing some information or at least holding it back.  But I will say, I SAW her.  She was begging in my part of town.

Just laying down this marker, Lubbock.  The homeless and the beggars are spreading out.  Sure, there is a high concentration of them around downtown and just over the tracks past Ave A.  But we got them over in the white-flight, bright-n-shiny side too.

photo (5)

And all you churches on this side of town… (yeah, mine too)… I am pointing the least of these brothers and sisters out to you.

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