The White Helmets

Seriously.  Tell all your friends.

see the website here:

And pray for the White Helmets – Angels of Grace who dare to storm the Gates of Hell on Earth.



  1. T. F. Thompson · March 6, 2017

    Downloading it now

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  2. Larry Who · March 7, 2017

    This breaks my heart! Thanks. I needed to have it broken.

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  3. LoiterLarry · March 9, 2017


    Thanks for sharing that.

    Amazing and ironic. Ironic because The White Helmets are not among those fleeing Syria, but they are the ones running into trouble. They don’t run from it; they run to it. Very brave and compassionate. And I must say, ironically, that if these were the people coming to my town as Syrian Refugees, well, Islam or not, I want these kind of people for my neighbors!

    If I could be so blessed.


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