Are We Connecting On The Same Level?

Do you know that insurance ad where they show two people in two completely different scenarios using the exact same words to express almost opposite meanings?

What happens when we read the Bible (same words) and interpret it differently?


  1. T. F. Thompson · March 28, 2017

    And our statements are the same when we endure it together.

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  2. Larry Who · March 28, 2017

    Good analogy.

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  3. Debi · March 28, 2017

    Remember that God is love?

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  4. paulfg · March 29, 2017


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  5. paulfg · March 29, 2017

    Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    There is a saying: “Preach the gospel always and where necessary use words.”

    I think Agent X has given me and you a great example of this.

    See what you think.

    (and always comments are disabled here, please let Agent X know what you think at his place, thank you)

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  6. Mel Wild · March 29, 2017

    That’s easy. We start a new denomination and call the other one a heretic.

    Oh…I thought you meant what we usually do. 🙂 Yes, we should have, as Augustine was supposed to have said, “In essentials, unity; in doubtful matters, liberty; in all things, charity.”

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    • Agent X · March 29, 2017

      Since growing up, I went through RCIA and now am a confirmed Catholic. I did this because of church split and desire for unity. I happen to enjoy being Catholic, and I am enthusiastic about it – especially Pope Francis. (Among all the really exciting things he does, visiting the U.S. Congress and ditching American lawmakers and powerbrokers so that he could go have a power lunch with the homeless of D.C. just flat out thrills me.) But I was raised Protestant, in fact I was raised Church of Christ.

      Now, here is a little known fact about Church of Christ (which is part of the American Restoration Movement). Our unity movement actually joined with the Baptist Church for several years many generations ago. It did not last, sadly, but it is the only movement I am aware of that actually joined whole denominations together – even if only briefly. And this is all the more remarkable, especially if you have familiarity with Churches of Christ, since CofC is so deeply sectarian – even more hard bitten than Baptists (but not nearly as big in numbers).

      Anyway, I tell you all that to stress my unity mindedness as I confess my affiliation with that sectarian Protestant bunch. I actually prefer Methodists, but I never was one, nor did my heritage ever break with them. And yet I would very much enjoy being part of them. Or running out to start my own. Except that is just more of the problem. I looked at the lineage I come from, and I could go Baptist, Christian Church, Disciples or Presbyterian and in any of those I would be symbolically healing a breach my ancestors bequeath to me. Or I could go all the way up line to the Catholic Church, which I decided to do.

      Its not that I am enamored by all things Catholic… not at all. I have critique of this church too, but loads of respect at the same time.

      Anyway, somehow I sense it is important to confess all that baggage so that I can finally react the way I really want to … to your comment. And that is this: I have an old friend from the Churches of Christ who tells a story about a Church of Christ member who was castaway at sea for many years surviving on a desert island alone until at long last he was rescued. When the rescuers found him, they noticed he had constructed 3 huts on the island. They thought this strange for a man who was all alone for so many years. So they asked. His answer???

      He said, “The first hut I live in… that’s my home. The second hut is where I go to church. The third hut is where I used to go to church!”

      That’s Church of Christ to the core! And it’s stinking funny…

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      • Mel Wild · March 29, 2017

        “He said, “The first hut I live in… that’s my home. The second hut is where I go to church. The third hut is where I used to go to church!”
        Ha…that’s hilarious!

        Btw, I’m not a Catholic but I really like Pope Francis. I also like some the contemporary Catholic mystics like Richard Rohr as well as some of the ones from generations past.

        Good question! I saw your post from Paul’s re-blog. 🙂

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