We Aren’t Asking For Your Money

Fat Beggars School of Prophets does not ask for money.  Fat Beggars School of Prophets does not sell out.  If you are not hearing the message, it’s not because we lacked the money to get it across.

Have we ever accepted money?

Sure.  And we burned it on ministry just as fast as possible.

Even accepted money from the homeless to fund a little beggar’s soiree once.  Yeah, the bums got together, pooled their pocket change, and bought the stuff for s’mores and a humble communion service that we shared late in the night out front of a locked up church house.

If you are reading here and think Fat Beggars is just great… but if we could just fund it, then we could REALLY serve Jesus…. Well, forget it.  Jesus doesn’t need your money.  If you are thinking Fat Beggars is just great, but if we could just build it up, get more exposure, make it more attractive or whatever, then you haven’t read my posts on Measuring $ucce$$ or Thinking Smaller/Not Bigger (check out Isaiah 53 while you are at it).  If you are thinking Fat Beggars is just great, but if we could just ease up on the harsh rhetoric, dial back the harsh tone, take care not to shame the rich – or whatever, then I wonder why you think Fat Beggars is hot stuff to begin with.

Look.  I don’t want to hurt your feelings or drive you off.  Not at all.  But you really have to humble yourself to come into the presence of God, and for MOST Americans, that involves wrestling with your own contempt to say the least.  And believe me, I have slept outside a few locked up church house doors in the cold, lonely night – even under the watchful eye of the pastor’s security camera!  I know what it feels like beneath your contempt!  And if you want the goodies we have to offer, humble yourself and accept the invitation – or better yet, open the door!  Jesus is knocking (Rev. 3:20).

No.  We are not going to change a thing so that we can get a little money.  We are not going to start aiming bigger and better so we can reach more people.  And no… We are not actually out to shame you into better behavior.  We are not deluded enough to think that shame is a good motivator.  No.  But we dare to speak God’s word to you.  And if you recognize his word, which you should – especially when we are quoting it right off the page – then turning your back on us is your shame, and you can consider yourself warned (Ezek. 3:16-21).

Take care that you not try to turn the prophet aside from his mission for vain agendas.  However, if you find fault with this ministry – especially if we run afoul of the word of God – your challenge will be appreciated.  Show us where we have gone astray from God’s word!  We are not infallible.  We sin and wrestle with sin, just like the next guy.  But we have made great efforts to humble ourselves and follow God’s lead, and that is rare in today’s world.




  1. LoiterLarry · April 6, 2017

    Don’t worry about mine, X. I aint got two dimes to spare.

    But I dig your groove, man. Keep stirring up those schizophrenic voices. Whether anyone else hears you or not, and judging by the growing responses I see you attracting anymore, you are getting heard. At least by a few.

    Keep it real, man. Just keep it real.

    Liked by 1 person

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