Jesus Locked Out of Church

I published several photos at the end of yesterday’s post.  I don’t know if you looked them over or not.  A couple of them haunt me.  (Well, actually all of them haunt me….)  But as I reviewed them, I thought I might put just a couple of them in context with a word or two and let their story unfold.

Both photos are old now – taken 3 – 5 years ago.  I really must preface that, in order to be fair.  In fact, the first one is the older one, taken in 2012, I think.

As you can see, I obscured the identity of the subjects who all agreed to be photographed.  But you can also see that these men are bedding down for the night.  What is not obvious, but which I will now reveal, is that this “spot” is about 30 yards (just across the alley) behind Lubbock’s premier homeless church and about 40 yards in front of (just across the street (Broadway) from) the support church that founded the premier homeless church to begin with.  I will let you guess where these men attend church.

The second photo is not far away, but again the same two churches are adjacent to the subject matter.

The impromptu tent city here is built up just beyond the fence from the premier homeless church on the neighboring property.  The premier homeless church is obscured by the trees in the back ground, but it is the structure at the left side.  The much larger support church is also obscured, but the bell tower can be made out behind the trees at the right side.

This impromptu tent city (not to be confused with the “legit” tent city located just East of downtown) cropped up briefly near the church, but was not allowed on the property.  The city, with the help of the land owner and church leadership, was able to dismantle this smaller tent city after just a few weeks.

So…. you can see the church here in these pictures, alright, but I really must question: Where is Jesus?



  1. LoiterLarry · April 15

    He is in the tomb for the moment. This is Saturday. God is dead today. Jesus is not in his church; he is dead in the tomb. Perhaps that is why your friends gather around the church, but not in it. They are like refugees washed up on the shoreline, hoping to get in. But as long as Jesus is dead in the tomb, there ain’t much to see inside, anyway….

    Ya think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agent X · April 15

      Thanx Larry.

      That sounds like a sad state of affairs, alright. I sure hope things change with resurrection power in the morning!


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