So… It’s Easter Sunday Morning! Wooo hooo!!!

So… It’s Easter Sunday Morning!  Wooo hooo!!!

But I don’t feel any different.  What happened?  Did something change?  You mean some women can’t find a dead guy?  You mean to tell me that a couple of sluts (a-hem, okay, FORMER sluts) and the mother of a death row inmate that got executed last Friday are running around in a dither because his grave is empty?

It’s still six months til Halloween, ya’ll.  What has changed?

Here’s the thing: Frank and Ed met up with Junior and Frisco yesterday and found a really sweet spot for a group of homeless men to crash for the night behind some tall weeds and a small grove of trees behind the No-Tell Motel.  It’s just two blocks from church, and it being Easter Sunday, these guys planned to go to Sunday Worship.

This is Easter Sunday, but they have the hope of COFFEE and DONUTS in the morning!

But here at pre-dawn out back of the No-Tell Ed just really needs to spring a leak.  So he stumbles over Junior and Frisco, waking them both up, as he makes his way over by a nearby dumpster.  It’s not bitter cold, but the forecast called for possible rain, and sure enough it is damp and cool.  Once he is up and relieved, it sure would be nice to get that coffee.  And once Junior and Frisco are awake, they too need to pee, and then smoke a stub of a cigarette between them, which wakes Frank up too… and now he is jealous that there ain’t no more smoke left.

Now, I would really LIKE to tell you some beautiful parable about how God moves among these humble beggars and bums to advance his Gospel message to their city (you know, like he does in II Kings 6 – 7), but this is America!  No.  Sorry, this is an uneventful story.  A story that yearns for a climax like an old man in the No-Tell Motel with a hooker but who forgot his Viagra yearns for one, but none is forthcoming.

No.  This is Easter Sunday Morning, and Frank, Ed, Junior and Frisco have all peed now, but it will be three more hours before the deacon has the coffee ready and the doors are unlocked on the Jesus-celebration.  Three more hours before the women come, not looking for the Body of Christ, but hoping to show off their new dress, corsage, purple leather-bound Bible with monogram and matching shoes!  Three more hours before they find Jesus.

The boys from the sweet spot behind the motel will get in, alright.  All four of them will manage to get a cup of coffee, but Junior will find all the donuts gone by the time he muscles his way through the holiday crowd.  And by the Benediction, our boys will be wandering up to the library to look for friends.

But before they get out the door, the deacon will say, “Happy Easter”, and that will be a proper celebration, I am sure.

So, like I said… It’s Easter Sunday Morning!  Wooo hooo!!!

…but what has changed?




  1. LoiterLarry · April 16

    This post seems really dark. I am not sure what you are trying to do with this one. And I hate to say anything that compares the Holy Spirit to Viagra, but you did say your story is searching for a climax. And if the old man in the motel lacks empowerment from Viagra, so too the characters in the rest of your story lack the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Your homeless men are looking for coffee and donuts, and they get that. The church is having a fashion show (and I would presume a chance to pass the collection plate), and they get that. And then everything else goes on as before. But if your story had the life of the Holy Spirit, then Jesus would be raised and the worldview of you tale would be dramatically different.

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    • Agent X · April 16

      I stepped away and prayed for a bit this morning, Larry, and I find myself lingering there in the last stretched out moments of despair still. Not that I disbelieve in the Gospel one bit, but that I just keep finding adulterated and polluted as we dance and sing.

      As I prayed, watching the Easter Sunday Sunrise over my neighborhood, I listened to the birdsongs of the West Texas spring morning symphony – and it is quite a cacophony! A beautiful way to start any day. And I walked barefoot into the lawn with the dew heavy on the grass, and I watched the snails make their way up the path to the bricks in the flower bed. And I thought about Frank, Ed, Junior, and Frisco waking up in this… this beauty. But, of course, if it is soooooooo wonderful, why aren’t we all sleeping out back of the No-Tell Motel? Why am I thanking God for my warm, dry bed? And of course the boys destroy the wonder of it all in their cigarette smoke and subsequent search for coffee (though I must say, I have found my cup now too!). But then I thought of the homeless church and homeless ministries with their social workers and volunteers who will try to engineer these boys into a JOB so they can WORK their way to salvation while the rest of us sit through a message about how we shouldn’t do that very thing. And I sense we have Jesus safely contained in a tomb of our own making – for all we are worth.

      And I, like the old man with the hooker, yearn for a climax… But I yearn for the climax of Jesus breaking out of this other tomb we have him sealed up in. And I, like those disciples on the road to Emmaus, ain’t feelin’ it. At least not yet.

      Thanx again for your comment.

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  2. Agent X · April 16

    Thanx, Larry, I hope the Holy Spirit gives life to this story too. But this is pre-dawn Easter as I write. And we American Christians already know how this story turns out. We already know the climax. If you were a couple of disciples walking to Emmaus that First Easter Sunday, you wouldn’t have the first clue what had happened until about supper time. Delayed gratification is one thing, but those disciples were dealing with disappointment of a profound kind when the Holy Spirit changed their world. And I kinda think us American Christians treat all that like a mere speed bump in our UNdelayed gratification, secularization, commercialization and then scorn for the poor along with the rest. And that is pretty dark. But I am with you… I hope the Holy Spirit breathes new life into this dead Easter! And perhaps the church’s keister!


  3. Larry Who · April 16

    Throughout the Bible, we have examples of radical extremists like Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others. They each preached radical messages, which religious leaders and believers did not like because the messages forced them to make changes in their comfortable lives. Sometimes, the people listened and were blessed. But sometimes, they did not and suffered because of their hardened hearts and deaf ears.

    I believe you’re a radical extremist sent to our modern Church. What we do with your messages will probably determine many of our blessings in the future. (Psalm 41:1-3)

    So, maybe we should open our ears and check our hearts before it’s too late.

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