Just a Loser

If I could shout a blog post, this one would be it. I hope the little bit of traffic my blog can produce will stop by this blog and see the image of God stamped on those street beggars who so easily assume they are merely the trash blowing along. May God open the eyes of our hearts to see Jesus there instead….

Pastor Joshua

Pastor Joshua West

Worship Pastor, Shiloh Community Church

Everyone has had or will have a low point in their lives. This is part of living in a fallen world. Lately, my heart has specifically broken over the number of people I see on a daily basis without a home, hurting, hungry, lonely, and probably living in their darkest, lowest days. I usually notice these people in passing, standing alone on a street corner with some torn, cardboard sign that is begging for someone to help them purchase their next meal. Sadly, people in these situations are far too abundant in our society and I truly wish I could reach out to help them all.

I read the shaky handwriting on their cardboard signs, which usually reads something like: Hungry, please help. I’ve seen many of these people briefly share their stories on these cardboard signs in a few simple…

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  1. T. F. Thompson · April 26

    Yes, we are not Popeye in that we ‘am what we am’. We are a creature of God and defined by Him and who we will be. A very moving story. This is thunder in one small breath and it says it all.


  2. John Lewis · April 26

    Thanks for sharing this X. May God continue to bless your mighty works.

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  3. Debi · April 26



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