Living In Deep Denial

(This just in… One of our Fat Beggars readers sends us this thought for the day.  Please give this your meditative reflection and prayer today.  I know I will.  Hopefully we will find ways to represent Jesus in dark places.)
Terrible truth. Last night I watched a Nazi propaganda film made in the Warsaw Ghetto in May 1942.
It was reminiscent of Schindler’s List without any good outcome.
I eventually turned it off… It was only a nightmare on many levels wherein one was to show while many were starving there were wealthy victims who continued to live the better life.
I wondered “How might I be doing that, myself, now… While others are starving?”
Are we living in such a way we never go down streets where the homeless might congregate. Where those enslaved to drugs lurk. Where people without health insurance — huddle to pray desperately for help. And the lonely are!
O God help us to look, care and serve!

One comment

  1. T. F. Thompson · May 2

    I saw a tv episode once in the late 60s. In this movie, the church goers were forced to eat in front of thousands of starving people An invisible shield separated the two groups. As you would have guessed, the church goers could NOT eat and begged to have the starving group removed. I think you could imagine some of the arguments: “Not good that both groups should starve in the midst of food…” Actually, the movie was most difficult to watch for almost all in this country including myself are guilty.


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