Agent Z & The Luke-14 Party

I have mentioned Agent Z here a few times on this blog before.  He even contributed a post of his own here once which you can read here.  Still, for any readers that do not know, Agent Z is one of my kids who grew up observing and helping this ministry.  (I recall how that one winter night a few years ago, Mrs. Agent X and I found a group of homeless people sleeping in the cold (when the church had kicked them out) and brought them home with us.  Agent Z rounded up some candy bars and left them out with a “Welcome” note attached!

Agent Z is grown up now and attending Bible school at Lubbock Christian University.  He designed a ministry project around Luke 14 to satisfy his academic curriculum.  He threw a party for the poor in North Overton Park yesterday complete with love, music, prayer, song, and communion along with soda pop, cupcakes and other refreshments.

We met so many new people we never knew before.  I had the pleasure of reconnecting with several I knew in years gone by.  And we now have a dozen new stories to tell about what God is doing on the streets of Lubbock that we could not tell the day before.

I expect to share many of those stories on this blog over the course of several posts in the near future.  At the moment, I am just so very pleased with Agent Z.  His eyes are opened and he sees Jesus – he sees Jesus right where our culture does not want him to see Jesus.  Agent Z transformed that park into a Jesus-Party Zone.  The gazebo had streamers flowing in the wind.  We made street art of placards on cardboard.  There was dancing!  Yes, Agent Z lifted the veil separating the grit and grime of street-homelessness and Heaven, and a few of us stepped behind it, and meanwhile hundreds, if not thousands, of Lubbock’s citizens drove (or walked) by and witnessed Jesus throwing a party.

Agent Z proved himself a leader among his peers.  He asked for my help and guidance, which I gave (sparingly), but he facilitated all of it.  He purchased supplies with money donated to his ministry.  He promoted the event (Agent Z handles the Fat Beggars Twitter and Instagram promos.)  He employed his brothers (Agent PJ and Agent JJ) to help.

I saw lives touched as well.  “Special Agent TT” (SATT) is the person calling that gazebo “home” these days, and Agent Z asked his permission to host his Jesus Party in it.  SATT was gracious to let us in his home to party with his friends for about six hours.  (Thanx for your hospitality SATT!)  During conversation with Agent Z and PJ, SATT learned that my boys are into body building, and this homeless man reached into his bag of meager possessions and GAVE Z and PJ a nutrition and workout book for Navy SEALs!  This was a fine gift from a man with practically nothing.  Touches me, I know that!

And so, today, my heart is full as I reflect on my kids – especially Agent Z – taking up the baton and running the next generational leg of this race (to use a St. Paul metaphor).  I would like to think street-homelessness will be eliminated in my life-time (perhaps even by my ministry), but I highly doubt that.  Yet my heart is warmed at the thought that the HOME God gives Mrs. Agent X and I is a beach head taken in the heaven’s battle against forces of earth that put people out in the streets.  And I think that is worthy of a post on the Fat Beggars blog.



  1. T. F. Thompson · May 23, 2017

    Perhaps Agent Z’s will be twice as powerful. And then we begin the letters of the alphabet all over again until the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Larry Who · May 23, 2017

    God bless Agent Z.

    Liked by 2 people

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