Gimme shelter — PT, Post 5

This is another one of those special blog posts I found while searching the blog-O-sphere today. Like my previous reblog post, I hope my few readers will give this blog a look. So, I make this effort to promote it. I think you will be blessed for your time spent reading here.

The Orphans and The Widows

Last night, after introductions and a tour of the 3-story L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry office, we made a shopping list for a few meals we needed to buy for and piled in the ministry’s van (which most of the staff refuses to drive) and went to the nearest Kuhn’s.

Barely fitting back into the minivan, we returned to the ministry and sorted and unloaded the food meant to serve over 100 people, cumulatively, across 4 meals.

Kaylee and Sam, our trip leaders, gave us a breakdown of the week.

We’re going to be asking three questions throughout our activities, devotions, and debriefs this week:

  • Who are the homeless?
  • How am I homeless? And,
  • Who are my homeless?

Jumping right into discovering the first answer, we were told we’d be sleeping in the “freshly” condemned house L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry owns next door.


We took deconstructed cardboard boxes, our pillows and sleeping bags and –looking…

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