Divine Appointment I

“Divine appointment”.  That’s what they called it.

God, it seems – and as Morpheus might put it “is not without a sense of irony”, had penciled me in for Thursday while I was out penciling in people for Monday.  I didn’t know it, though, until the appointment had been kept.  A serendipity, some might have called it.  “Divine appointment” has the right ring to it.  I will accept that.

First of three tales: I was preparing for Monday’s divine appointment by taking a few spare minutes last Thursday, since I was in the area on other business, to introduce myself to a few strangers I saw roaming the streets of the central part of town.  I met a nice man down by the bus stop out front of the Ave Q Walmart, and we took the opportunity to pray.  Anyone passing by could plainly see us – what we were doing.  We were not seeking attention for out prayers, but when you “meet people where they are at” … well … the street corner is where Other Agent J lives.

It was an amazing time of prayer.  Other Agent J seemed thrilled by it.  I felt thrilled by it.  And then I got back in my car and started to drive away, but as I got another a block down the street I met William and Lucio walking along the sidewalk and rolled down my window to hand them a business card.

I did not know these men before, or so I thought.  But actually, in a moment of talking Lucio and I recognized each other from previous back alley worship services in years gone by!  As we were reconnecting, William, who just introduced himself for the first time, asked for a ride to a job interview up by the Flying J.  I said, “hop in!”

We talked along the way, William and Lucio asked if I was praying for their friend Other Agent J; they had seen us praying there as they walked by.  Of course I had, and so when we arrived at the destination, this gave way to prayer for William’s job interview.  We did that, and then, of course, the obligatory observation that this was a “divine appointment”.

Now, how can you argue with that???  Stop to share a word with a homeless man on the side of the road, and wind up giving him a lift TO HIS JOB INTERVIEW!!! 

Can I get an AMEN?  Anyone???

I did not stick around to find out if he got the job, but I trust God with it all the same.



  1. John Lewis · May 24, 2017

    Amen my brother!

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  2. T. F. Thompson · May 24, 2017

    Amen Brother Good going

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  3. LoiterLarry · May 24, 2017


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  4. Agent X · May 24, 2017

    This was just the start guys… There are more such vignettes. Not real complex stories, but divine appointments all the same….


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