Do You Want to Fight Housing Injustice?

Fat Beggars is pleading with you to read BrookeM’s post today. The Christian witness in modern America may well be on the line. Let us read the article she points us to. Let us pray on it. Let us talk about it. BUT THEN, even more importantly, let us, in the power of Jesus’s Spirit, address it.

Compassion is a Journey

A  friend forwarded a New York Times article to me yesterday that disturbed her greatly. I only finished reading it this morning (it is quite long), and I, too, am greatly disturbed. Affordable housing/accessible housing/livable housing has been heavy in my thoughts for several years now, and this article seems to illustrate so clearly how the American drive for wealth (especially in the realm of corporations) creates a tsunami of injustice that ends up swallowing so many of those unfortunate enough to exist at the lower end of the economic hierarchy.

As Christians, I believe we are responsible to fight injustice–ALL injustice–as we encounter it. The problem comes when we live inside such comfortable bubbles that we rarely directly encounter injustice, especially at a personal level. Or when we do, we have enough power at our disposal (whether that be our financial resources, our white privilege, our personal connections, our education level and/or job status, or even our…

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