Divine Appointment II

Way back in 2014, a year before I started this blog, The Fat Beggars School of Prophets held an all night worship celebration on the streets.  It went like this: About a dozen (probably more) homeless people met at the Mahon Library where we prayed and then moved out to Broadway and Ave Q in the little park which was the site of the original Tent City.  There we made placards that said things like, “Honk if you love Jesus” and so forth.  I passed out a bunch of neon Tee shirts that said, “Jesus was Homeless” on them, and we proceeded to throw a party we called Lubbock’s Parade of Homeless.

After a couple of hours of enticing the driving public on that busy intersection to honk at us, we held a communion service that attracted several passersby – including a group from Aldersgate United Methodist Church who were looking for homeless people to feed.  After the communion service, we moved to Ribble Park, which was about 3 miles south of the Broadway and Ave Q intersection.  Once there, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on the grill and then settled in for the night (until it began to rain).  Then we took shelter under the awning at the Vandelia Church.  But we had already planned to attend church there the next morning for Sunday worship.

Among the people I met that night was a lady we will call “Agent DJ”.  I had never met her before, and afterward, I never saw her again.

I never forgot her enthusiastic participation that night.  She was one of a very few willing to don the prophet robes (graduation robes of various colors I had acquired over the years and then painted up to look like flashy church choir robes).  The robes were very flamboyant and tacky, but eye-catching, and announced to those passing by that we were serving Jesus.  Only those willing to make fools of themselves for Jesus dared to wear them, but Agent DJ was willing.  Yet, sadly, we completely lost contact with her after that event.

Fast forward from 2014 with me to last Monday morning.  I had a few errands to attend to before I could meet Agent Z at North Overton Park for his Luke-14 Party, and so I was busy.  But Mrs. Agent X (Z’s Mom) also had an errand to run down at the local hospital, where she witnessed a man appearing to be homeless walking away from the Emergency Room.  She stopped to inquire, and sure enough the man could use a ride alright.  But she was not available to give it.  So she called me and arranged with the man for him to wait until I could pick him up about half an hour later.

When I arrived at the appointed place and time, the man Mrs. Agent X tried to help was nowhere to be found.  I circled around the area a couple of times.  No sign of him.  However, I did notice a woman who looked like she might be waiting for a ride, and I wondered if she might have seen the guy.  So I asked.  And too my surprise, that woman was Agent DJ!

Divine Appointment II

Yay!!!  A reunion of sorts.  I wound up giving her a lift to the social security office so she could take care of her business and along the way we played catch up.  She remembered the Lubbock’s Parade of Homeless event with great clarity and fondness.  She reported to me that she and her son had gone to Colorado shortly after that and had taken the Fat Beggars robes and wore them on the side of the road up there too (taking the Fat Beggars national, I guess).  She said she still has her Fat Beggars Tee Shirt, which impresses me!  And now I hope she will stop by this blog and reconnect again.

I know where she goes to church now too.  And I am hopeful I might take her with us where we go for a visit once or twice as well.  Agent DJ is surely a great source of encouragement to me and a wonderful partner in spreading the Gospel on the streets of Lubbock.

I am sad to say that she was not available to attend the Luke-14 Party, but I really hope we can serve together again soon as part of other events.  In the meantime, re-establishing contact puts her on my regular prayer list (a list growing at an alarming rate, btw).

DJ, if you are reading here, please reach out.

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