High-G Foster Care

When I was young, I used to test drive cars and trucks for General Motors on their Desert Proving Ground in Mesa, Arizona.  I was a durability driver.  My certification was good up to 100 mph, which we often did on the 5-mile circle track.  That was cool.  But the High-G certification required lots of specialized training.

The High-G training car was a 1969 Pontiac GTO with the strangest hose apparatus you ever saw mounted to the wheels on one side.  It was a very old, classic car even when I was there in the 1990s.  A legendary car that no one had ever wrecked in all those years of training – the techs bored out the engine block in numerous rebuilds and the management kept it in service because no one in training wanted to be the first to wreck it.  But the hard part of the High-G certification test was that at 100 mph on the circle track, the trainer could simulate a blow out in two wheels with a rapid inflate/deflate air tank mounted in the back seat!

Then for those drivers who passed the certification process, they would test cars over 100 mph, riding high in the “glory lane” on the high berm track in test cars outfitted with special safety gear and wigwag head lights so that other drivers would see them in the rear view mirror and drop down a lane to let them pass.  Any tests over 150 mph, and the traffic safety crew would shut down the track to all other traffic, bring out an ambulance on standby and then the track was limitless.

I have been thinking about that in recent days.  When you drive a car in excess of 100 mph, the telephone poles on the side of the road become a blur.  You must focus very intentionally on the road ahead while things in your peripheral vision go unattended.  And well, just last week, the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners just took on a third foster child.

Yeah, we have THREE NOW!


And they are all in diapers!

I posted a year ago about washing dishes with one hand… (I was such a rookie!)  This is getting intense now.  Ms. Agent X and I went to a Bible study last weekend with some new friends and took the kids.  It lasted until nearly 9 pm on a Saturday night.  We were exhausted when our heads finally hit the pillow at about 11:30.  We woke up waaaaaay too late to make it to regular Sunday School the next morning, and found we could not get ready in time for worship at all – not even the late service.  But there was another home Bible study group Sunday night, so we went to that.  And again, we were wasted by bed time that night.

Then Ms. Agent X and I finally had a few minutes to debrief on our experiences a couple days later.  I told her I had managed to go out one day to lunch with family and only after we were all sitting down to eat, I realized I had not brushed my own teeth yet that morning!  She had realized that she wore a pair of pants to the Saturday night Bible study inside out with the tag hanging out and did not know it until we got home!  She caught herself throwing away the laundry and putting the diapers in the washing machine!

We are having a wild time here.  And I am just thinking that if any of my readers spend much time in prayer, I hope you will remember the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners next time you pray.  I hope God hears about us and gives us strength, and any friends we have that could help with that would be deeply appreciated.

Yeah, at these speeds, diapers whiz by like a blur!



  1. lisaostreim · June 11, 2017

    Oh wow! You all must be exhausted!

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  2. Agent X · June 12, 2017

    In keeping anonymity, I copy and paste, here, a comment sent by a concerned supporter. Here it is:

    Was not asked. But research has shown that the stress level curve changes from mere addition but with third child it rockets the stress level bu multiples.

    Note as you still have two other natural children in your home – they figure into your stress too. They have their own agendas just as do the toddlers.

    On the one hand like driving the track, as you do more you’ll accclimate to the additional stress somewhat. Yet again beware this stress is also felt by the children (in their way) therefore it may be important to consider the impact of additional children on your earlier kids.

    Blessings be upon you all. I recommend getting all the help of all kinds. This means you need to reinforce your own management skills.


  3. John Lewis · June 12, 2017

    I have 4 of my own, so I can attest to this much – with 2 kids you are playing “man to Man”…three or more is a cord that can’t be broken, but just might break you. You revert to that zone defense. You are outnumbered.

    God bless you brother, that’s some real, important work to be doing. Praying for ya

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