Seeking Assistance for a Special Request

I think this is a long shot, since the majority of blog readers for this site are from various long distance locations…


If (long shot though it may be) I have a local reader in, or near, Lubbock who has a wheel chair they are willing to part with, I have a friend in need of it who cannot afford to pay.

If you can do that, please respond to the comment section below.  I will NOT publish your response, but will make private arrangements to acquire the chair.

THANX so much.



Wheelchair has now been provided!  Thanx for your concern… you may now go back to your regular blogging…




  1. LoiterLarry · June 14, 2017

    So, your friend got the wheelchair. That is great. A fantastic blessing.

    They are not cheep. How did you come by it? I see that you are keeping this person anonymous, but I wonder if we can’t thank this person publically here on you comments – even if anonymously.

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    • Agent X · June 14, 2017

      Thanx for asking that, Larry.

      Because you respond with this particular message at this time, I will publish yours. It gives me the opportunity to say that Fat Beggars did not facilitate the gift, but heard about it from another party involved. And the story is that these poor folx got together and prayed about it. Then later that evening, God answered with a wheelchair!

      Go figure!

      I guess God was listening. I know the poor folx praying and telling this story later are giving him the praise for it!

      I hope we all will now.

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