The Running Father And the Party For His Wayward Son

Happy Father’s Day to all you readers and street dwellers!


This morning we received a dramatic message from our preacher about the Father of the Prodigal Son and the Party he throws to welcome back his lost boy.  Dramatic and powerful!  The boy, the younger of two, demands his inheritance, wishes his Father were dead, and runs off to live the party life of the pagan world.  And then he hits the skids.  Winds up at the bottom of society.  Languishing there, he decides he would be better off if he humbles himself and asks his loving Father for a job – perhaps the lowest servant job in the house.

Meanwhile, the Father, though, scans the horizon each day in (perhaps) a misguided hope that maybe, just maybe, His boy will come home.  And sure enough, one day the boy is spotted on the horizon, so the Father throws shame to the wind, gathers up his robes, and RUNS to meet the lost son.  And when he embraces the boy, He turns and insists that the servants go kill the fatted calf and put on a PARTY!

It so happens, of course, that the older brother who never left home, who never squandered the blessings of his Father, learns of the Party but refuses to join!

Sound familiar???

Yes, this is the final party scene in a string of parties Jesus tells us about in Luke 14 and 15.

If you are homeless today, the thing you need more than any other thing, is to be embraced by your loving Father.  Yes, you need to humble yourself to join the Party He throws, but if you will do that simple thing, you are welcome.  In fact, you are welcome either way; it is you who abstains.  The refusal is yours, not Gods.

My prayer is that our church take this message to heart and share the fruit of it with those living on the streets of Lubbock.  We are the servants told to kill the fatted calf and start up the BBQ!  And the lowly and lost make up the Father’s guest list.  It is the PARTY He is throwing; these are the people He RUNS to, and we are the hands and feet of the servant operation.

Just imagine.  If we ALL get it together on this task… we will have stormed the Gates of Hell, and they will fall before us!

Can I get an AMEN?

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