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I never heard of SWAP before, but I like it. I think this is an idea worth sharing! Please, please, please – Lubbock Church – behold what God is doing in his body in other places that we can learn from…

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Sorry I missed doing the blog yesterday.  I was at the SWAP.

Some of you readers who do not attend our church may be asking…”What is the SWAP?”

Well…let me tell you…

All year long, the families in our congregation save all their items they plan on giving to the thrift store.  It could be anything from clothes, to furniture…jewelry, house hold items, shoes, tools electronics, …you name it.  We have it all at the SWAP!

The purpose of the SWAP is to bless those in our congregation with items they could not otherwise afford.  At the SWAP…our motto is “Shop till ya drop!” and it’s all for free.  We also invite those in our community, neighbors, friends, family and really, anyone we see in need to shop for free.

It’s a real blessing to see what God can do with unwanted, slightly used, cast-offs.  Through this, we can see…

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One comment

  1. Agent X · July 8

    In my mind I hear echoes of Acts 2:44-45 creatively expressed in this. Wish my church was doing this…

    I recall how someone introduced the book When Helping Hurts and the church shut down the clothing closet and the food pantry and opted to sell needful things instead of SHARING. So thrilled to see churches NOT stuck in that rut!!!


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