When we don’t know Jesus and we throw the Bum Out

I am so grateful for the validation I get from my blog-friends. Thanx Tom. Your words and your shared concern for the poor vis-à-vis the church encourage me greatly.

Hard Times Ministries

A friend of mine, Agent X of Lubbock, Texas spoke of an event where the homeless and bums were gathered and where a group he headed had organized an event that sported a great feast. The pastor of the church, when invited to attend stated he wouldn’t attend as he was full because he had already eaten.

Mind you, this feast was in attune with the scriptures where those who had been previously invited failed to attend and thus, the effort was instead focused on all those who were in the highways and byways.

All of those attending were in fact: the least of these… All were forsaken folk who had been rejected and defected by society and mostly even by the church. Most had been shunned and avoided when seen sleeping on the streets and grossly neglected by those who had nothing better to do than throw the poor…

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  1. LoiterLarry · July 9

    I was there that night. I saw and heard it. The pastor walked out of his study in the early evening one night and found a group of us homeless people and prophets sharing communion, prayers, song and preaching to one another. Agent X invited the pastor to join us. He stopped a second, looked over what we were doing, patted his tummy and said, “No thanks. I already ate a big meal.”

    Stunning. Especially since most of those homeless people went to his church.

    That was pastorbation at its finest.

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  2. Agent X · July 9

    Yes. You were there. That was a sad moment.


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