Adding Names to the Prayer List

I posted recently about the burden of praying for all my homeless friends by name and shared the list on this blog.  In fact, I even offered a follow up post on it – largely because it drew such a rich response.

Afterward, I have given much fresh thought to prayer, though my prayers seem stale.  And meanwhile, the names just keep being added to it.  The burden only deepens and widens.  Prayer is the MAIN thing I have to offer to my street friends.  Occasionally I have a bit of spare change.  Occasionally, I have socks, blankets, food or more.  It seems fairly rare these days, but of course Fat Beggars has always majored in sharing worship.  But mostly I am reduced to prayer.

Reduced to prayer.

Interesting phrase.

There is so much more commitment that could be entertained, it would seem.  Prayer – is that everything?, anything?, or nothing???  If that is all you offer, is that effectively “faith without works”?  But what is works of any kind without prayer?

I could chase such bunnies all day.  Meanwhile, I know I used to do so much more than I do nowadays.

But there is another element going on here, and it is the real reason I write today:

I am ashamed to say this, but I failed to add a name a while back.  I tried to burn it in my memory at the time (as I was driving the car), but I failed.  I got the wife’s name, but failed to get the husband’s name.  And this happened a couple of months ago when I gave both of them a lift.  It was just two.  The only two I saw all that day.  Should’a been easy.

But, what can I say, God is good!  I bumped into the guy again yesterday.  I know this, not because I recognized his face, but because when we talked he remembered me!  But here’s the real kicker.  He remembered me from years ago, not from the car ride a few weeks back.  He remembered when I spent the night on the street out by the old St. Benedicts Chapel, back when it was still located on Broadway.  And once he got to reminiscing on it, I remembered him too!  His hair is much longer now, so his appearance is different, but as I recall our first meeting, I think we really hit it off.  But sadly, I had totally forgot him since.

He reported to me that his wife is in jail just now and asked for prayers on her behalf – which of course I am already doing!

Anyway, I write all of this to set the stage for saying this:

His name is Jim; he’s on the list now.



  1. Larry Who · July 15, 2017

    I heard Joyce Meyer say that she was going through a rough trial and cried out, “Oh God, I only have You.”

    She then heard a voice speak to her heart, “Poor Joyce, she only has God to help her!”

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  2. Ryan · July 15, 2017

    I had a boss once who could remember just about everyone’s name that he met. Since then I’ve aspired to this and work really hard on it, but I just don’t have the natural gift. A new friend of mine, Colby, I called Corey several times in one night and didn’t realize until he left, and had to later apologize. Ugh. The guys at the homeless shelter, I make a point to try and remember their names. But some guys being so transient, I only see them once and I soon forget. . . was that Everett or Emerson? Thank God there is One who knows all our names, and as David says, “Your eyes saw my unformed substance.” He knows all about us. So in the meantime I’ll remember as many names as I’m able. Thanks for the post brother.

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    • Agent X · July 15, 2017

      I have done that. It’s embarrassing.

      Everyone has trouble remembering names. It is easy for only a few weirdos. They are the exception. And there’s no doubt that when someone remembers your name, it’s an honor. Small, maybe, but honor all the same. Forgetting it is no great tragedy, but getting it wrong sounds like you don’t care.

      I usually make a point to say people’s names two or three times in the first conversation – especially when I meet a group of people for the first time. I actually tell them that I am practicing. Then we have this cliché conversation where someone ALWAYS SAYS… I have the hardest time remembering names. Never forget a face, but I cant remember names.

      Yeah. I hear that every time as if it makes that person unique. But the truth is, learning names makes us nervous.

      But hay… praying for people helps.

      However, in Jim’s case, I did not remember his face. Actually, I forget people real easy. I don’t remember faces either. Lots of people disappear from my life and I don’t recall them at all until or unless they can remind me. THAT IS SAD, but it’s me.

      Yeah, I spent some time with Jim a few years ago. I still cant remember it well, but I do sorta. And I recall he and I really hit it off. I would have liked to make friends with him and be involved in his life more. That will prove very hard now since I am doing foster care full time. I cant mix the two. I have to keep the kids away from the street people and vice versa. And my first responsibilities are to the kids these days.

      But I pray.


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