Camping vs. Homelessness

Wow! I just thought I was passionate about this stuff. Check out this post about disparity between homeless and rich. You might feel the heat come off it.

One Human To Another

Yesterday I had an encounter with a man who was on his way to being homeless. He was sitting in the parking lot of Fry’s and I had God telling me to give him $5, so off I went. I ended up talking to him for about 30 min because he just opened up. His love for God amazed me. He told me he has been asking God why He is allowing him to go through this time. He told me that he has always wanted to be in some sort of ministry and that he just keeps loosing faith.

I told him, don’t you realize your ministering to me right now? Jesus walked everywhere He went, he chose to live that life and I felt like he needed to hear it. Maybe God has you right where he wants you! I think Jesus wanted him to be humbled and…

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