Playing Peek a Boo With God

When God made humans, he made them in his image.  In The Beginning, if you wanted to see God, you need only look at each other, and there he was.  But this didn’t last long (thank you Sin) before poof, he was gone.  Moses asked to see God’s glory, and God shielded him in the cleft of the rock until he passed by.  All Moe saw was his back.  Jesus appeared to the couple on the road to Emmaus, but in the breaking of the bread their eyes were opened and (you guessed it) poof, he was outa sight again.

In this home, we raise foster babies so young they are in diapers and do not speak.  Sometimes they get fussy and irritable, and there’s no doubt they need a nap.  But there are a hundred times in a day that they chafe at something difficult.  Each one of them hates getting their face washed.  Each one fidgets while putting on clothes or pajamas.  Sometimes riding in the car they get cranky or when they are hungry and waiting for their food.  And the one thing that cuts through the chaos every time is a quick game of peek a boo.

Peek a boo.  It’s their favorite game.

Peek a boo, I see you!  Ha ha ha ha!

A crying baby clams right up and starts laughing.  Even if only one of them is getting the peek, the other two will drop what they are doing to come play.  Bath time is fun, but getting out is a challenge.  But then I drape the towel over their head and say, “Where did he go?”  Suddenly the tears stop.  Then a pregnant pause… and I whip the towel back to reveal the face.  Then a gasp as I say, “There he is!  There he is.  He was right there the whole time!… the whole time…”  And then the chuckles begin.

It is so sweet.  So innocent.  So fun.  And, it’s addicting.

I live for that pregnant pause, the gasp, the chuckle.  There is that split second when focusing on each other’s faces plays like a surprise all over again.  A little psychodrama, only it’s prophetic too.  A proph-O-drama in which God appears between us just briefly, and we can’t get enough of it.

It nourishes the soul.

There is so much spiritual energy – dynamite really – packed up in that pregnant pause, and every time it detonates, love explodes into life.

Every child should experience this.  Every parent should.  This is how humans are made.  I am certain that in just that moment we are in contact with life as it was created to be lived In The Beginning.

Let the children come to me, the kingdom belongs to such as these and whoever does not receive the kingdom like a child will not enter it (Luke 18:16-17).



  1. Spy Vs Spy · July 29, 2017



  2. wildernessjoy · July 31, 2017

    I love this post!! It really speaks to me.


  3. Ryan · August 1, 2017



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