It’s Raining Again (Yay! for those living indoors…)

We got a lot of rain about a week ago.  I did not say anything about it on the blog then.  I did see leadership from the Premier Homeless Church of Lubbock (not it’s real name) on TV after the first powerful storm rolled through proclaiming the hardships this causes for the street-homeless.  One of them even said they suffer terribly from the cold and wet of it all.

I guess I was just stunned.  These are the same people who kicked me out of church for insisting that we bring those same homeless people into our church building when it was freezing in the dead of winter.  They didn’t care about their homeless parishioners freezing in the cold and wet then.  So why now?  And if there is a change of heart, why not pick up a phone, call Agent X, and say, “Yo… We have had a change of heart about kicking the homeless out in the cold and wet.  You can come back and join us now.”

My phone is not ringing.

Well, to be completely honest, I am not there watching to see if they actually have an “Open Door”, but I am betting they don’t.  I bet the news clip just makes a nice sound byte and makes them look concerned.

I mean, I could be wrong about that, but if I am, then why not call me up and make nice?


I am not holding my breath.



  1. clashofcashntrash · August 8

    For real, Bro.

    Cold and wet, and kicked out of church.

    If I remember the exact word were, “I don’t care where you go, but you can’t stay here.”

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