Enough With All The Talk

It’s September.  “Indian summer” still, but already a few days have hinted at Fall.

The Halloween store is open and banging a business now.  School is back in session.  Football season is started.  It will be Thanxgiving and Christmas before you know it.  And the Winter cold is coming.

What will we do about these homeless folx in our streets?

What WILL Jesus do?

I am glad there is a Red Cross out there.  A Salvation Army out there.  A few soup kitchens and shelters too.  But none of these are Jesus.

You are.

You are the church, the Body of Christ.  Where two or three of you gather in his name, there he is.  Why are you leaving his work to the 501c3’s?

Don’t know where to start?


Pray on it.

But really, the clock is ticking on Winter already.  If you are having a brain fart and cannot imagine what Jesus would do, then sleep in the alley behind a liquor store tonight.  Do your praying there.  Or better yet, sleep out across the street from the church house where you attend.  Pray in front of those locked church house doors on your knees in the cold.  Lay your hands on those locked church house doors as you pray and ask Jesus what he would do.

Don’t take two coats.  Just a pair of flip flops and a light blanket, and kneel in front of those locked church house doors in the cool Fall breeze of night.  Imagine this spot come November and December with ice frozen to the latch.  And pray hard.  Pray real hard.  What would Jesus do?

Jesus.  If you are Lord of this house, what will you do for the beggars, bums, and prophets sleeping out here tonight?  What will you do?

Still not hearing the answer???

Okay.  Keep praying.  PRAY HARDER!  Get on your knees.  Shiver in that blanket and ask Jesus with all your heart.  What would he do?  If he were Lord in this place with the locked church house doors with poor people sleeping around it in the freezing cold, what would he do?

Still not hearing from him?


Your talk is cheap.

Go back home to your warm bed, watch Stephen Colbert’s monolog, and go to sleep.  You are done.

Oh… and don’t bother Jesus anymore…



  1. Agent X · February 12

    Reblogged this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets.


  2. Michael Wilson · February 13

    This is very convicting. I’ll reblog later today on two of my blogs.


  3. Michael Wilson · February 13

    Reblogged this on Thoughts on culture, politics and more and commented:
    This is so very convicting. Please read. I am working through what I should do … not think, or pray or give.


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