The Gospel of Lord Caesar vs. The Gospel of Lord Jesus

Tomorrow (Sept. 23rd) is Lord Augustus Ceasar’s birthday. Oh… you didn’t get him anything? Oh… you forgot?? Oh… you didn’t even know it??? There is a reason for that. Consider this reblog post and understand why… AND get ready to celebrate Christmas. The season is upon us…

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Check out this quote from Caesar.  Let it bounce sparks off your Christian imagination.  If you have not studied Roman (and/or early Christian) history, this will likely be new for you.

An ancient inscription unearthed by archaeology:

The providence which has ordered the whole of our life, showing concern and zeal, has ordained the most perfect consummation for human life by giving to it Augustus, by filling him with virtue for doing the work of a benefactoramong men, and by sending in him, as it were, a savior for us and those who come after us, to make war to cease, to create order everywhere…; the birthday of the god [Augustus] was the beginning of glad tidings that have come to men through him….

(I found this quote when studying N.T. Wright, btw.)  The message of this inscription is Rome’s imperial gospel message about Lord Caesar and how…

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