Got Dibs?

Twenty one days ago I posted the application form for those wishing to join Operation: Apocalypse.  I gave instructions in that post on what to do.  It got some “like”‘s.

So what?

I posted it again.  And then again.  And I have reposted it several times now.  I expect I will post it yet again.

Look.  This is a small blog.  Small readership.  And that’s fine.  But as I have stated several times in recent weeks, I don’t write here to entertain you.  Your casual readership is not wanted.  Like the US Marines, Fat Beggars is looking for A Few Good Men (and women) who are moved to action.  Winter is coming; the seasons are now changing.  The homeless are left outside the church YET AGAIN!  Have you ever spent the night with them in the cold looking at locked up church house doors?

Well, if you read here much, you certainly have read about that.  How about you DO something instead of just read about it?

But, like I said, this is a small blog.  Small readership.  What can a small blog with small readership do?

Not much.

Who are we kidding?

But I am not playing.  Enough with the talk.  Like Gideon whittling down the size of his troops, I have spent the last 21 days trying to shed dead-weight readers.  Move along!  Your service here is done.  We got the click on the counter.  Thanx.  And I have said as much.  I have turned the shrillness nob up to eleven!  I have become as obnoxious as I can with a straight face and sincerity.  My God!  I even flirted with praising Hitler!!!  What does it take to run you off??? I have tried to offend you, scare you, put you “on the spot” and for what?

I am now having what appears to be an explosion of readers!  Last week I got more hits on this little obnoxious, offensive, disturbing blog than I have seen in months.  And it seems to be growing!

But I am seeking action.  And you readers, for the most part, remain anonymous (which is fine).  And that means I might not see action that is taking place.  (That is fine too, but pardon me if I remain frustrated about it.)

What can you do?  The problem is so complex.  There is a reason it’s called “intractable poverty” and small blogs with small readership are not likely to fix it!


I didn’t suggest that you would fix it.  I said take action.

And the action I call you to is prophetic.

Does God use small shepherd boys to take out giants???

So, the mission doesn’t make sense.  So what???  The forces are small.  So what???  Every bit of this requires faith and humility.  But more people are reading about it every day.

I wonder what more I can do.  I rose to my own challenge.  I didn’t merely call you to stink on your own.  I even exempted you if it interferes with your livelihood.  But I have disturbed the comforted as I attempt to comfort the disturbed.  And more and more of you are playing witness to it.  I don’t know who most of you are, but I sense I make you nervous.  GOOD!  You should be.  The complacency of modern, Western Christianity has church house doors locked with humans milling around outside in the cold of night.  The church needs to imagine herself differently and imagine the world she is called to bring order to differently.  She thinks she is too small in numbers and wisdom, but she is married to God, the Almighty, and he loves her!  So we really have all we need already.  We don’t need another dime.  We don’t need another book.  We don’t need another seminar.  We sure don’t need to turn either church or ministry into a business.  Yet I wonder what more we can do.

If you are reading this, you have instructions.  Print out the Operation: Apocalypse application form and follow the instructions on it.  (Find it here: )  Send it in to the church listed there.  Flood the secretary’s mail box with applications from all over the country.  If all my readers do that, I will hear about it.  If all my readers post it on their Facebook pages, word will spread.  If my readers humble themselves before God and start skipping showers for three days before going to worship on Sunday, pastors all over the nation will begin to take note.

Am I seeking some personal limelight with this?  No.  I have taken measures to mute my identity.  It is not about me.  It is not about you.  It is about God working in the brokenness of our lives instead of our successes.

Yeah, I drive up on a parking lot of a church and park next to Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes, and Hummer, and I don’t see (or smell) any of the people who slept outside of this place in the cold last night.

I walk in and find a latte bar with complimentary coffees of every kind, donuts, and goodies, and then I enter a sanctuary where the lights are dimmed to add to the rock-concert effect that the worship team creates, and I find that none of that attracts the Matthew-25 Jesus to enter in, but somehow makes him feel unwelcome (well, that and the lock on the door, the security cameras, and the “no loitering/no trespassing” signs – cuz I never met a cold homeless man who turned down a cup of hot coffee).

I am done ASKING you to THINK about it.  I am calling you to action.  This action will not cost you any money, very little time, but it will ATTACK your own pride and complacency.  And there will be no mercy to either of those things.

They used to have a poster down at the post office with a picture of Uncle Sam pointing right at you.  The caption said, “Uncle Sam wants YOU!”

But I am saying, Jesus got dibs.



  1. T. F. Thompson · October 3, 2017

    You might also want to try the approach with ‘free coffee’ as many churches do. then again they also have free barbques, raffles, bingo, cake sales and if you’re really desperate, you can always sell your first born. That has always been popular among bible believes.


    • Agent X · October 3, 2017

      Do you have any idea how easy it was to start Fat Beggars?

      Seems like I wrote this recently somewhere. Cant rmember if it was on my own blog or a comment somewhere else… (Sorry, a lot of life is a blur for me a the moment. I am doing High-G Foster care along with blogging and stinking up my church).

      It was before I got kicked out of the Premier Homeless Pseudo “Church” (not its real name), and I had a lot of friends meeting there. I was moved to invite Agent T, he invited Agent M, and Agent J was there that day (he had previously stayed several nights at our house already, and so it seemed obvious we should invite him too), and then the board of directors guy (the one who kicked me out just a few months later) – who didn’t have a clue what I was up to – suggested that somebody really needed to go show some kindness to Other Agent J, and so I took that as a divine signal to invite him too.

      I really would have invited others, but I only had space in the car for 4 men. And besides, I was grilling steaks in the yard too, so I would not have been able to afford much more than those four even if I had the space in the car.

      Anyway, these guys dropped what they were doing like fishermen dropping their nets to come at the invitation to lunch at my house after worship services. I didn’t tell them anything more until we were there.

      Then I started up the grill. One of the guys ran some laundry while I cooked.

      Then at lunch, we had a second worship service. We sang, prayed, ate, and shared communion. And I led us in a study of II Kings 6-7 where God uses the beggars to share his good news with the starving city of Samaria. Every man at that table, and my kids too, were jazzed about being there and participating. And it was THEN that I sprung on them the idea of inaugurating a school of prophets who would take the Good News of Jesus via this communion meal to the streets of Lubbock where the homeless would play host to any and all who would come to the table.

      Every man there was eager to join. I don’t think I could have fought them off at that point. Agent T and Other Agent J became particularly strong leaders in this group. And inside of just a few months I was kicked out of “church” in part for facilitating this prophet group.

      With beggars… this is easy. With White, middle-class Americans (Christian or not), Jesus can come by the sea shore announcing Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand! Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men… And the Americans will stand around looking at each other blinking and wondering what to do… thinking… Uhhh hmmm… is this okay? I mean would Jesus approve? What will my kids think? OR WHATEVER!!!!

      I can post a blog and it will get LIKES like barnacles on a boat, but our imaginations are trapped in fantasy land while our allegiances are trapped in mortgages, and obsessions over our weight and fears that the pregnancy test will be positive … OR WHATEVER!

      And so Jesus goes to the beggars. But the false shepherds kick him out of “church” while they manage to rake in millions of dollars turning homeless ministry into a profitable non-profit ministry.


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