So… You Wanna Be A Prophet… Hmmm…


A side note of a quasi-administrative nature first:  Both this blog and my personal life are plunged into a number of changes in recent weeks.  The Fat Beggars School of Prophets blog never was intended to entertain or amuse readers.  It was not published in order to comfort the comforted.  And In recent weeks, I have begun to challenge readers here to answer God’s call to action rather than click a like button and then hope I come read your blog.  I have done a good job of shedding readers finally.  My view counter is way down.  But I find that a few people are discovering this blog and going deep with it.  Reading old posts, taking TIME with it.  I pray those readers are finding conviction.  And that is one of the changes.

The other area of change, more a matter of personal life, is that the Fat Beggars Home for Widows, Orphans, and Sojourners is now filled up to the gills.  It looks like for Christmas this year every spare bed in the house will be filled with a soul who otherwise would have been homeless!  We now have 4 – count ‘m 1, 2, 3, FOUR – infant/toddler foster/adoption kids in this house demanding all of my attention!!!


My offerings here are slowing and changing.  And I find that over the course of the last two weeks, I quoted nearly half of Mike Yankoski’s book Under the Over Pass.  I provided a metaphorical/theological lens through which to look at those parts quoted, but by far, I reproduced his work – meaning, among other things, I did not have to strive to produce original offerings.  It’s easy to quote others.  Not nearly as much effort in posting other people’s words.

But, of course, long quotes like that also have a way of shedding readers who are only here for the quick fix, the light hearted read, something comfortable, or to seek a view-swap.  If you read those long posts, then you surely have more than a casual interest in the church vis-à-vis the homeless.  Otherwise, it is too easy just to quit reading here.  (So many have!)

I still want to move you to action.  I am hoping to find evidence of that in the near future, or else perhaps this blog is just a failure.  But maybe, just maybe, you few remaining readers would benefit from a bit more in depth instruction.  And that has me thinking about quoting myself.

I wrote a book too.  Thus far it is not published, and for that matter it is still in a revising process, but I wrote it during the months leading up to my expulsion from the Premier Homeless Pseudo Church (not its real name).  Amazingly enough, I reached out to the executive minister there when I started it hoping to get his cooperation and perhaps co-authorship.  Instead, I got kicked out.  But it is a short book (as books go) that I intended to be used as a 12/13-week Bible class discussion book about prophecy for a church made up largely of homeless people.  (It’s not actually exclusively for homeless people.)  The title of it is Proph-O-Drama.  And since it seems to be stuck in revisions and not available for regular publication, I think I will publish it lesson by lesson as individual posts for the blog.

The original title of the book was So… You Wanna Be A Prophet.  But I will publish it on this blog under its current title in a series of posts featuring each individual chapter/lesson.  I hope my readers here will offer feedback both positive and challenging.  Perhaps your input will help to develop it further and possibly prepare it for real publication.

But I really hope that readers here begin to hear the call of God on their lives in fresh, vibrant, and prophetic fashion, and then move to action as the Holy Spirit guides them.

Thanx for reading here.



  1. T. F. Thompson · October 27, 2017

    In this book, do you explain how and why you got ‘kicked out’? I’m looking forward to reading it. I am sure we are going to discover the difference between profit and prophet.

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  2. Agent X · October 27, 2017

    The book is not autobiographical, however, it does tell about my wedding to Mrs. Agent X.

    I hate to call it a “how to” book, and that would be misleading. It is not a nuts-n-bolts approach at that level. However, it would fall into that category, broadly speaking.

    And… for that matter, it is NOT an exhaustive analysis of prophecy at all. There is SOOOOOOO much more that could be said. But it is a 12/13-week easy-to-read and discuss prompting to prophecy – particularly to that kind expressed in prophetic acts as opposed to oracles.

    I look forward to your engagement!


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