You Are Cordially Invited To Party With Jesus

Agent Z’s Luke -14 Party starts in 20 minutes, ya’ll. Anyone reading this – head down to 14th Street and Ave U right now through the rest of the afternoon. Party is about to start!!!

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

This just in… Agent Z is facilitating another Luke-14 style party with Jesus on the streets of Lubbock.  You might recall that last time he put the word out, nobody came.  (Just like Jesus describes in Luke 14.)  Oh… we found a few street drifters to join us, but not our church friends, college friends, family, and others.

Let’s try this again.  Shall we?

Please find your invitation on the video link Z posted on YouTube.

Also, for those using Twitter, keep up with Agent Z on Twitter @fat_beggars.  Any new developments are likely to be published there.

Hope to see you!  Really!!!  I want all my friends and family to party with Jesus.  It’s what we live for!  What do you have that is more important?

See you there…

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  1. T. F. Thompson · October 27, 2017

    Be sure and update this if you will. I am certain good things will happen. too a great video would be more than nice.


  2. LoiterLarry · October 27, 2017

    Wow! That was some party! Agent Z said at least 100 people came and ate. There were a number of friends, family, and church people who came and showed support. Actually, there were a lot of those missing too, but some really important friends came that missed last time.

    I think it was an amazing success! So many people touched by Jesus. Jesus expressing himself through so many broken people. What an incredible day!

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    • Agent X · October 27, 2017

      It was a fantastic party! A huge success. Agent Z really stepped up and put his self out there personally. Risked looking and feeling foolish, but God blessed everything he touched. I missed the really big crowds that came early on, but I saw dozens of people come around and get some food, and I saw Z’s bio Dad come around and offer support too – something I know deeply encourages Z. In fact, one guy associated with Z’s dad claimed he was “inspired” by what he saw and he gave Z $300 to support his missions to the streets. I bet most people didn’t see that.

      The new black shirts were a hit! I know people kept coming up there for hours afterward asking if we still had some. We had a very limited supply, but I saw a couple dozen people milling around with them on all day in the park.

      I had the idea to get some cheap cigarillos and hand them out with my business card and blog address. I hope we get some street folk from Lubbock to check out this blog finally. Hopefully some of them will pop in here and tell what they saw and heard and whether Jesus touched them today.

      Yes. It was an incredible day!

      Praise God! Hallelujah! And thank you Agent Z for your leadership on this one!


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