Wow!!!! A Dream Come True!

Follow the link, This story is a must read, A church in Dallas gets this right!



  1. T. F. Thompson · January 4

    Good to have some GOOD news. Pass the hot chocolate.

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    • Agent X · January 4

      YES! Now if we can just catch this fire in Lubbock!

      Perhaps I should write a post on this (I sense sharing it is still premature though), but I had contact yesterday with one of my street partners (Agent Mamma DJ), and I was pleasantly encouraged that this dynamic street prophet/partner seems to be catching the vision and the passion. I am in discussions now with Agent Z about coordinating with her at my next opportunity to venture away from the babies and deploy some missions. I am feeling excited about the possibilities anyway.

      The story linked here really puts pep in my step too. So, all together, I am encouraged.

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  2. Pingback: This church did what we should do – "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10.13

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