Street Mission 1/9/18

Just back from a street mission.  Just a brief little love mission, all stripped down… no communion or song and all the usual.  This one was special mostly because it featured a partnership with Agent Mamma DJ, Agent Z, and Agent X.  It was the first time the three of us specifically launched a mission together.

The mission was brief, but potent.  Z drove and took me down South of town to retrieve Agent MDJ, and then we scouted the streets around Ave Q starting at Walmart, and soon found a LOT of friends.  As we drove past the Premier Homeless Pseudo “Church” (not its real name), we encountered a crowd of people, many of whom immediately expressed interest in us.  (I won’t lie, Agent MDJ is known as a deeply beloved and celebrated friend of the streets, and having her in the car is apt to draw a crowd.  This is fully half the reason I am so excited to have a partnership with her.)

One of the first serendipities (for me, at least) was when Special Agent T and Agent R approached the car and requested one of our black Fat Beggars shirts, and it just so happened I had exactly one!  I gave it to SAT, and he immediately informed me that he and his fiancee want to get married there in the “church” just like Mrs. Agent X and I did more than five years ago.

So, okay… let me give a bit of back story to this.  If you are a regular reader here, you might recall that Agent Z put on a Luke-14 Party on his birthday back on October 27th… roughly 10 weeks ago.  What you likely don’t know is that I had the opportunity then to lead a communion meditation (sermon) for those in attendance.  It just so happens that SAT was one of them.  And as I spoke about Luke 14, I chose to recount for those communing with us that day how Mrs. Agent X and I got married (a story I wrote a post on here:  It was that proph-O-drama (and subsequent sermon) that SAT was inspired by and referring to as he told me about his upcoming wedding!

It turns out there a myriad directions I could go with this tale at this point, but the serendipitous point for me is that Special Agent T was letting me know that even 10 weeks after that sermon and almost 6 years after the proph-O-drama, people are still talking about that amazing moment when God joined us!  I will register that as a deep-impact success!  I am deeply encouraged that my life plays such an integral part in God’s work on the hearts of others – especially people dealing with life on the streets.

After that we wound up giving Agent Justina a ride to a couple of needed stops in the area.  The first one took us back up by Walmart.  As we approached the Walmart, my second serendipity smacked me in the face.  We saw two gentlemen walking down the street toward us, one I recognized as Agent Turk, the other was wearing a Fat Beggars shirt!  The FBSOP shirt advertising that “Jesus Was Homeless”!

We slowed the car and rolled down the window as we approached, and I was so moved by the sight of that shirt, I reached in my bag and grabbed a full box/pack of Marlboro Reds cigarettes and tossed them to the guy wearing the shirt!  I gave him a prize for representin’!  So, maybe the serendipity was more his than just mine, but we shared it each in our own way. (Btw, if anyone reading here can give me that cat’s name, I want it.  Turns out none of my partners knew it either….)

We talked a minute and then went on with our task of helping Agent Justina with a ride.  This led us down to St. B’s where we met several other people.  There we prayed and shared Psalm 10, a couple pair of socks, and another pack of cigarettes, but this time piecemeal with many recipients.

Finally, we moved on to Chick-fil-A.  Z, DJ, and I retreated back to a local Chick-fil-A restaurant where we could debrief a bit, get a bite to eat, and it didn’t hurt at all that we could parade through the joint with our FBSOP shirts.  If given an opportunity to witness to homeless ministry in such a Christian atmosphere, we would.  Staff is always pretty busy in those places, but definitely friendly and doing their best to represent too.  So, we expect to find a sensitive/receptive witness there, and though we did not share debriefing with them, I expect we gave them something to talk about, and I am pleased enough with that.

Thus our mission was brief.  But when we took DJ back to her place, I had the pleasure of meeting Special Agent GL there.  He is an older gentleman, and DJ told us of his interest in what we were doing and his desire to join us if possible.  So, I am pleased to make his acquaintance, and it is my hope that we might include him soon too.

I might share more as more is revealed to me, but this is a good thumbnail sketch of the mission we launched today.  I really hope that at least a couple of the people we encountered today (perhaps Agent Nikki?) will see this post and respond.  Tell us “hi” and any blessing they hopefully received from our little love mission this afternoon.



  1. T. F. Thompson · January 10

    I wish we could have had some video of this exciting journey. At times, attempting to follow all of the alphabet soup, i.e., Agent a, b,c,d, e is a little hard. LOL I was waiting for Agent 99 to show up and hand over the key. Come on now, I’m just teasing you. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I appreciate it and meant what I said about videos. Photos would be excellent to. I am glad you had a successful outing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agent X · January 10

      Video would be cool. Sometimes we manage some of it. That is tricky though. For starts it aint cheap. But then even more problematic is how it seems to make so many street people nervous to be filmed. I think they fear we will humiliate them.

      As for Alpha Bet soup. I hear ya. That is a bit of a headache. But it serves anonymity.

      Liked by 1 person

      • T. F. Thompson · January 10

        ???? I am confused What is the cost of video? It is free to me via my phone or cameras.. ????


      • Agent X · January 10

        I dont have a camera.

        Agent Mamma DJ actually brought one with us, but she did not have a battery or memory card.

        A little moola, and we would be back in business… but too expensive for this ministry…. Sorry.


      • T. F. Thompson · January 10

        Actually, all you have to do is hand those guys a microphone. You’d be surprised what a ham they are. And even if the mic isn’t hooked up, as long as you’re rolling, they sail on through with the gift of gab. In fact, don’t be surprised if they don’t start preaching.


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