Stirring Up Trouble (A Call To Street Prophets)

(I really hate to post a message like this BEFORE developing a readership base FROM THE STREETS, but here goes…)

Is that sham you call a “church” still locking its doors at night and leaving you outside?  I suggest you organize in shifts and start calling, emailing, snail mailing, and disrupting your “church leaders” with the message from Jesus.

Let me ask you: Did your “church” hold a midday meeting with heads of various charitable organizations and potential donors and ask you to leave the building (or even the room) so they could discuss your future behind your back?

I have seen it with my own eyes, so I know you have too.  The whole group of homeless people rounded up and herded out the door on a cold day and left there to mill around for a couple of hours while “leadership” hosts a power lunch (sometimes even catered) for distinguished guests, organizers, and donors.  Meanwhile, and I have seen this with my own eyes, a guy with no shoes and wrapped in a blanket is asked to go outside in the frigid temps until the rich, power-brokers are done.

Yeah… that kind of nonsense is un-biblical.  Did you know that?  Yeah, so how about you mention that to your “leadership”.  Yeah.  You might point out to them the passage found in James 2:1-7.

Consider doing this in your next “art class”.  You know… when everyone is drawing or painting a picture that is supposed to get hung up on the wall (or sold at fundraiser auction?), yeah… paint a picture of this scene of what your leaders are doing to you, and see if that sells at auction or decorates the halls.

I bet it won’t.

Of course some of you are expecting they will buy you off with left overs from the caterers, so you will endure the cold, the injustice, and the sin of your “church” and her “shepherds” for half a left over sandwich.

Oh… yeah…  Think about it.  Even Judas got 30 pieces of silver, but some of you will sell out for a bag of chips.

I urge you.  Don’t do it.  Don’t sell out your brothers to the cold another night.  But embrace humility, get a spine, and speak up for Jesus.  That is Jesus your “church” threw out to the cold last night.  Quote Matthew 25:40 to those leaders and watch the look on their face when they realize you know what’s up all of a sudden!

Your “church” needs to repent of this crap.  And just because a few people are given a place to live is no excuse for them to keep quiet while their brothers and sisters are left outside.  No.  If you take a stand with Jesus – especially if all of you do, it will call the bluff on this sham.

No, I am not claiming that place they gave you to live is bad.  But meanwhile, they can open the doors of the sanctuary for you to take refuge, AND they – yes THEY – can ask the rest of the “church” of Lubbock to do likewise and spread the Jesus love to all while they work to create housing for all.

Yeah.  Stir it up.

What do you think Jesus was doing when he threw tables in the temple?  Was he accepting the bogus status quo from Israel’s “shepherds”?

I think not.



  1. clashofcashntrash · January 12

    Looks like you are trying to smoke ‘m out.


    If someone takes offense at this, they will have to demonstrate that they are reading here and taking this ministry seriously. Otherwise, they will have to stuff their worries.

    Of course, when they get up enough gumption, you can bet they will come on strong. So – be ready.

    I will be praying about it.


    • Agent X · January 12

      Oh… IF, IF, IF and WHEN I get a local street response to this blog, THEN it will smoke ‘m out.


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