…For The Children


My plea will likely fall on deaf ears, I know.  Talking to drug addicts about quitting is like talking to a church about finally opening its door to Jesus.  I may as well talk to a stone wall.  No one listens.  But one of the more painful things about my job (foster parenting) is picking the child up after the court appointed visit with the parents.  The heart strings between mother and child stretch out the door, and there is no explaining to the child, no consoling, no amount of reason that makes sense of it or makes it okay.

All I have is this pitiful little plea.

I know a little weed seems so harmless.  I tried it myself three or four hundred times.  But whatever other “good” reasons you may think you have for smoking a little joint, it won’t matter to your child how good you thought it was when I show up to take her back to my place after your one (or two) hour supervised visit every week.  And no matter how good the high, it won’t soothe that heartache which will leave its mark on that precious little heart for life.

PLEASE.  Don’t do drugs.  For the children, put that behind you now, grow up, and LOVE your kids.

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